Luke Perry Net Worth 2021 – How Much was the Actor Worth?

Luke Perry was a famous American actor, best known for stating as Dylan McKay on the famous TV series “Beverly Hills, 90210”, which ran from 1990 until 1995, and 1998 until 2000. Most recently, he played Fred Andrews on a popular CW network TV series “Riverdale”. Sadly, Luke Perry passed away on March 4, 2019, following a stroke and a hard recovery time. Fans around the world were in shock yesterday. Read along to learn more about the life, career, and net worth of the late actor.

Early Life


Luke Perry was born in Mansfield, Ohio, USA, on October 11, 1966, to parents Ann and Coy Luther Perry. However, he grew up in Fredericktown, where he was acknowledged as the school amulet. His mother worked as a homemaker, and his father was a steelworker. During his life, he would go home each year for the Fredericktown Tomato Show, an annual street fair in the town.
After graduating from high school, he moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of an acting based career, because he was not able to find one in Ohio. At this time, he served as a paver and lived in towns like Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Paramount and Downey.


Luke Perry started his career with an appearance in the popular music video, “Be Chrool to Your Scuel” by a band called Twisted Sister, whose member was Alice Cooper. After this, he started appearing in various popular daytime soap operas, including “Loving”, and “Another World”.

In an interview with Whoopi Goldberg during the 1990s, he mentioned that he auditioned for around 215 acting jobs in New York City before he finally appeared in a TV advertisement.
Then finally, he scored the role of the character of a threatening millionaire’s son, Dylan McKay, on well-known and iconic Fox network teen drama, “Beverly Hills, 90210”. After this, he auditioned for the character of Steve Sanders, which eventually went to actor Ian Ziering.

While he was on the show, Perry obtained the supporting role in a film version of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, made by the presently famous director Joss Whedon, in the year 1992. During this time, he was an established teen idol.

The same year, Perry also played a role in “Terminal Bliss”. Three years later in 1995, he appeared in an Italian movie, “Vacanze di Natale ’95”, in which he played himself.

Between 2001 and 2002, the actor appeared in the popular HBO prison drama “Oz”, portraying Reverend Jeremiah Cloutier. From 2002 until 2004, he had a role in the post-apocalyptic TV series “Jeremiah”.

He also gave his voice talents to the audio Bible production by Thomas Nelson, known as “The Word of Promise”.

Luke Perry is also quite famous for giving his voice to many cartoon characters. He had a cameo in many animated shows, including The Simpsons, Family Guy, and Johnny Bravo.

His debut show on Broadway came when he played the character of Brad Majors back in 2001, a play version and a remake of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

Additional fame came when he played Harry in a London centered production of “When Harry Met Sally”, in the year 2004.

Net Worth of Luke Perry


At the time of his death, Luke Perry had an estimated net worth of $10 million. He made the most of it thanks to his acting. Throughout his life and towards his death, he has always been acting and finding projects. He would have been even more famous if he had not suffered a stroke. This, too, would make a mark on his net worth, especially because of “Riverdale”, a highly praised TV show watched by millions.

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