10 Predictions in The Simpsons that Actually are Not Predictions

Not only that The Simpsons TV show was so popular among all generations, but there were many interesting facts that aren’t easy to explain. We still talk about the amazing predictions regarding Donald Trump. Even though we know him as the POTUS today, it was a real surprise when he was mentioned as the ex-President in one of the episodes. Furthermore, producers and screenwriters could not know that their parent company will be bought by Disney, and that happened.

However, we can say that those cases are just writers’ imagination that luckily came true, as many of the situations in this TV show have never happened. On the other hand, there are many things that writers did not imagine. They used their knowledge, insight and perhaps the ability to listen to all whisperers and rumors. In that way, they showed a few interesting things in their series that became a reality. Those are not predictions, but more announcements of innovations that we will be able to use in the future.

10. Donald Trump as a president

One of the most repeated stories was about Donald Trump’s candidature and him as a President of the US. People saw in this an amazing luck when writers’ used Trump as the rich man who became a president of US. However, Trump was elected in 2000, when this episode played, for the Republican party, while he talked about his plans to become a US president way before, in 1998.