Lagina Brothers Net Worth 2021

Fans have always been curious about Lagina brothers, Rick and Marty’s net worth. Nova Scotia Business Inc. approved $,1,271,546 for The Curse of Oak Island season four in film funding, and since it’s a lot of money, it drow attention of the people watching show. And many wanted to know if funding is that big, how much are Lagina brothers making?

Lagina Brothers Net Worth


Rick Lagina has worked as a post-delivery man. His brother, Marty Lagina is a bussinessman with bachelor degree majoring in science and mechanical engineering, who graduated in University of Michigan in 1982.

Once he retired, Rick was looking for a new way to follow him dream of exploring mysterious Oak Island. Dan Blankenship was looking for investors to help him continue the treasure hunt at the Oak Island, and once Lagina brothers learned that, they wanted to meet him. This was in the 1990s, but in 2005 Brothers got a hold of controlling shares of the Oak Island Tours Inc.

From 2006 till now, they have been exploring and discovered many clues. Prometheus Entertainment approached them later on, wanting to make their daring journey into a reality show, which they accepted.

5th January, 2014, was the date the show premiered. Since then, Lagina brothers have been working really hard to discover the mystery buried on Oak Island. They were also teaming up with many researchers and special guests from around the world, helping them to uncover the 220-year-old mystery.

The show has intrigue plot since it’s all about researching and trying to find so many pieces of puzzle, and viewers seem to accept it well.

We know about the popularity of this show, but how much do we know about Lagina brothers’ earnings from it?
Appearing in The Curse of Oak Island made Rick Lagina’s net worth up to $2 million. Marty’s net worth is $100 million, but it is not just from the reality show’s appearance, it is the sum from appearance and his business. Marty is the owner of Villa Mari Vineyards, and a wind turbine company called Heritage Sustainable, which is one of the largest wind turbine companies in the mid-western US. Also, he founded an oil and gas exploration and production company called Terra Energy, Ltd. In 1982, which he sold in 1995, to CMS Energy for $60 million. We could say he is a true businessman.

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Rick and Marty Lagina are the characters on TV who are arousing the curiosity, also they are the center of this hit show, The Curse of Oak Island.

The brothers are originally from Kingsford, Michigan and they have been working on unveiling the mystery of Oak Island for years, way before the reality show started.

After reading about the Island in 1965 issue of Reader’s Digest, the older brother, Rick, became obsessed with it. He dreamed of solving its mystery and finding treasures that are buried in the island.

Marty, the younger brother, is more into making the island a tourist destination, and we could expect that since he is a businessman, but also he is very supportive of his older brother.