Harry Shotta Net Worth 2021 – Popular UK Rapper

Harry Shotta, a UK based MC, Hip Hop singer and rapper born in Essex, United Kingdom. Some of his albums include “Screaming at the skies,” “Back 4 fire”, “Feels like Fire,” amongst others. His debut studio mix with KG has gotten over 100,000 downloads. Afterward, the rapper did a Zen mix featuring Skibadee and Funsta. Hurricane Season Volume one was another hit mix by Harry Shotta featuring DJ Ruffstuff.

Career and popularity secrets

As a young musician, Harry Shotta won two outstanding awards in 2017. These awards were among the key factors that played befitting roles in bringing the rapper’s career into the limelight. Harry won the best music video and the ‘Best Lyrical Mc award. With these, there was a noticeable boost in his career. He became popular across UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Russia, including many other countries across the globe.

In the same year 2017, Harry Shotta found himself in the world Guinness book of record when he released the popular “Animal” song. The song had the most words in a single. It was a new dawn for the artist. In a brief interview with the UKF team, Harry Shotta told them that music is fun, and they do it for pleasure. He has natural skills which make him flow easily in Drum and Bass.

Harry Shotta became popular and active on various social media platforms as a result of his hits songs which includes “Fire In The Booth,” “Animal” to mention but a few. Some other factors that contribute to his social media activity and growth include

  • Live appearances
  • Continuous communication with his followers on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  

The rapper recently had nearly a million views on his documentary video when he chaired a PR campaign for the global charity. He is also involved in a fundraising campaign to eradicate cancer.

As a modern-day musician, Harry Shotta understood that his fans needed more than one style of the genre. There was a need for a mixture which Harry Shotta quickly realized. He decided to host live shows that gave room for the incorporation of various styles of genres in a single performance. One of which is “The Harry Shotta show” which also added a boost to his career.

Financial Activities and Net Worth

The primary activities of the company include music publishing and sound recording. Harry shotta total asset is £29,888.00; recorded liability is £8,083.00 while the cash at bank is not reported yet. According to the details on business information provider Harry Shotta Net Worth £22K only. Despite Check LTD’s data is up to date and fresh we still can’t see accounts figures for this year, and this relatively low Net Worth on his company papers may look different from his real net worth.

Guinness Record

The rapper took over the stage from the popular rap kid Eminem in the Guinness book of record. He left his fans in great shock when he releases the popular single “animal” as the single with the most words. This song brought a significant shift in the Harry Shottas career. It was amazing, indeed!!

In 2017, Eminem’s “rap God” record was broken. Harry Shotta’s animal single hit has 1771 in 6 minutes breaking and leading Eminem’s “rap God,” which had 1560 words in the same 6 minutes (verified). With this, the British rapper found himself as the new record holder. His success secret is that he sees music as fun and takes rap as pleasure.