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Jamie Colby – The success of female journalism


Jamie Colby is one of the most famous USA correspondents in terms of business. She has succeeded in building an excellent and recognized career in the world of journalism, and she has even managed to work for one of the biggest media houses in the world, i.e., Fox.

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Personal life

She was born on the 21st December in 1970 in Forest Hills Queens, New York City, the USA and her full name is Jamie Nell Colby. She grew up there, but even though she finished her primary and secondary education there, she decided to go to the University of Miami and to enroll at the International School of Business Administration. She successfully finished her studies, and she obtained a degree in accounting. It should also be mentioned that this was not the only academic call that she pursued and finished. She also enrolled at the School of Law, again at the University of Miami, and she obtained a degree in Juris Doctor.

The looks

Even though she is now in her 40s and she would enter into the fifth decade soon, it should be mentioned that she looks stunning and that she is a wonderful woman. She is 5 ft 7 in tall and her measures are 36-24-36 inches, which practically means that she is a very slim and attractive woman. On top of all this, her weight is 68kg. There is also one exciting data about her, and that is the known fact that her bra size is 34C. Her dark eyes are stunning and are the perfect combination with her natural blonde hair.

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Jamie is now 49 years old, and she is enjoying her age. Since her birthday is on the 21st December, we can only conclude that her zodiac sign is Sagittarius.


She has had a very fruitful career that culminated in her working for FOX media house from July 2003. She used to work as a National News Correspondent, and she also worked as an Anchor for some time. On the other hand, she was also successful before joining Fox since she was working on one of its biggest rivals, i.e., on CNN. Apart from this one, she also worked for CBS News, and she also appeared on Up to the Minute on this channel. These are the most popular networks that she worked for. However, it should also be noticed that she also worked as an anchor on WPIX/WB-11 and she was also a reporter on FOX 5 New York.

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From January 2015, she has been hosting Fox Business Show called Strange Inheritance that primarily deals with the inheritances and legacies of the strongest types in the USA.

We are aware of the fact that she finished the law school and she is a permitted attorney. She can do business in NY, CA, FL and DC. It should also be noted that she does not neglect this part of her professional life. Quite the contrary, she has had her private attorney office for ten years. She has worked on several significant contracts during her career, and some of these include the renewal of Johnny Carson’s deal with NBC.

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She has been working hard all her life, and all this hard work did not go unnoticed. Namely, she has received several awards for the things she did in journalism. First of all, she received Edward R. Murrow National Award in 2002, and this was for her contributions during the coverage of the attacks that happened in NYC on the 11th September 2001. She has also won the Gracie Award which is given for the journalists who prove themselves in investigative journalism. She received this one in 200. Apart from these two, we should also mention that she obtained another one in 2000 and this is the Clarion Award that is given by the Association for Women in Communication.

Love life

It can be said that she is a woman who likes to separate work from personal life and this is the cause why we do not know anything about her dating life. We do not know who she dated and for how long. However, all that is not important now since she was married to Marc Wallace. When we are speaking about her husband, we should also mention that her husband is a doctor, a surgeon more precisely and that he works at Metropolitan Hospital which is located in New York City. They have been married for quite some time and during their marriage, they got only one child, a boy whom they named Gregory Green Berg.

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We should also mention that this marriage does not last anymore since the couple decided to separate and they finalized their divorce officially in 2011. Regarding her marriage, there have been various theories about why the couple got divorced. Some of the most common things and causes for their divorce have been found in the rumors and claims that Jamie was not faithful to her husband. Moreover, it was claimed that she has been dating and seeing another man while she was married. However, it should also be noted that neither Jamie nor her ex-husband has neither denied nor confirmed these claims so that they would remain on the level of rumors for now.

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Net worth

She has been in the industry for a long time, and all this time she has worked hard. This hard work has paid off, and she succeeded in getting the 2018 salary to be 1 million USD. Her net worth is currently estimated at 2.5 million USD. She also likes to wear expensive and brand clothes, and she spends a lot of money on it. She also has another interest – cars. She is in love with fast and luxurious cars, and it is known that she has several of those in her possession. Her home is also luxurious, and it is located in New York City.

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