Top 6 the most surprising divorces of the 20th century


The outcome of World War II shifted the start of unusual and touching stories of love and marriage for the whole world in general and the USA in particular. The people were delighted to marry and build families after such a frightening time, and everybody did concentrate on the fresh and perfect life which will bring only happiness and nothing more! Though 1946 became the year of the variable range of the divorces. Couples having overcome all the difficulties of the war were unable to overcome all the challenges of ordinary life. At those times the divorce was not too welcomed, so they were somewhat secret enough. Today we will clarify the information and give you a hint of divorces that became legends of the 20th century and shocked the whole of American society. We were glad to receive the data from the online divorce company being famous in the whole USA for its cheap divorce documents preparation. It is high time to begin!

  1. Robert Redford & Lola Van Wagenen.

    This couple was married for more than 30 years. However, the constant alcohol addiction of the husband and the rather tight schedule of the wife were crucial for this couple. Lola was fighting for the family for a lot of time. Moreover, she stayed away from the stage during the last years of their marriage and devoted herself to the family. However, it was too late. Robert did not want to return to her and her regular business, so this marriage was finally over in autumn 1985. Even today, fans of this power couple are following their separate lives after these two chose the way of their marriage, and nobody has the right to blame them both!

  2. Neil & Pegi Young.

    After 36 years of the marriage, this couple was also ready to terminate their relationship and build a new life again! The initiator of the divorce was Neil. The gossips told at that time that he could have a mistress. Therefore he dared to separate from his wife. However, the information was top secret, and we can guess what circumstances could make this couple living in the total love finish everything good they had. They lived separately for a rather long period after the divorce.

  3. Susan Sarandon & Tim Robbins.

    For the actress who has always been a queen of the beauty, the divorce became strong despair. The couple lived together for more than 23 years, and nobody could expect the fail of their relationship. Susan could not endure the news that her beloved husband, the center of her life had a girlfriend and applied for the divorce. Tim for sure tried to stop the process and stay away from all the gossips coming around this couple, although the result was pretty known, the couple split rather fast, with no hatred or else.

  4. Daryl Dragon & Toni Tennille.

    They were like two sides of one coin. Living together after such a long marriage term (more than 39 years), they decided to stop their relations, their love, and their common interests. The only thing they could save were their children. They had two perfect children who supported each of them after the divorce and never accused anyone of anything. Nowadays we can guess about the real reasons for their divorce, but for sure would rather watch them together with such a confident smile as they used to show us in the deep past when they were together.

  5. Michael Jordan & Juanita Vanoy.
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    The couple was living together for a long time, despite all the troubles they raised children and the fame of Michael was eventually the deal of Juanita. After such a significant term of the marriage, the couple finally announced that they break all the relations and go away from each other. The trustworthy sources used to gossip that this divorce became a divorce of the “20th century”, however, there was nothing new, just one more couple considering its ordinary life to be a fatal mistake and deciding to stop the relations.

  6. Garth Brooks & Sandy Mahl.

    It is the most effective couple we have mentioned today, although, their life was similarly not so bright as the pictures of their everyday photos! They had lived together for more than 30 years and got the fantastic time, as we can see they decided not to spoil the life of each other and to live separately bearing in mind only good memories of each other! We can understand it. Besides, we can support them because each person once in life felt the same and was ready to stop the relations by bringing only quarrels and numerous misunderstandings!

To sum up today, we can see that celebrities can also suffer from the difficulties in their lives, they can live independently, share the property and argue for child custody, etc. They are alive. As we can perceive as well is that life does not finish with the divorce procedure. Fortunately, we are moving. Further, we are developing and having lots of fun at present, and in the future, everything will be the same. Divorce is a reason to think over your life, have a short break and move further. The earlier you get it, the better it will be!