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Brandi Brandt – The Playmate Who Made It

Early Childhood

Brandi Brandt was born as Brandi Angela Brandt on the 2nd November in 1968 in Santa Clara, CA, the USA. Her father’s name is Howard Brandt, and he used to be a drummer in the USA based band that was called American Girls. It should also be noted that her mother was involved in music as well. One of the most critical moments in her childhood happened when she was 12 and when she met John Lovitz. It should also be noted that the two of them became very close friends.

Problematic neighborhood

On the top of all this, it should be added that she had a somewhat tricky childhood since she was raised in a very problematic neighborhood which was very poor and there was a lot of alcohol and drugs present on the streets of it. This surrounding has surely left a mark on her, and she also started to use alcohol and drugs at a very early age. Regarding the drugs, she used cocaine and cannabis.

Love life

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Some of her relationships are very well-known, and we should point out that her first marriage took place when she was 22 and when she decided to marry Frank Carlton Serafino Feranna Jr. This man has been mostly known under his alias Nikki Sixx, and he was also famous for being the bassist in Mötley Crüe. On top of all this, he was one of the co-founders of the band. During their marriage and time together, they were considered to be one of the hottest and most beautiful couples in Hollywood. Unfortunately, after seven years of mutual life, they decided to get separated and filed for divorce. They finalized their divorced in 1996 and thus officially became single that year.


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During Brandi’s marriage with Nikki Sixx, they got three children. Their first child was born on the 25th of January in 1991, and it was a boy. They decided to name their son Gunner Nicholas Sixx. After a while, she got pregnant again, and she brought their second child on this world on the 14th of April in 1994. This time it was a daughter, and they decided to name her Storm Brieann Sixx. One year passed only when she gave birth to their child on the 23rd of May 1995. This time they got a boy again and decided to name him Decker Nilsson Sixx.

Modeling Career

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She was noticed from an early age, and she started to work as a model when she was just 18. Her first success and many people consider that this is her most significant professional achievement, is the appearance in the Playboy magazine. We should point out that she was chosen as the Playmate of the Month for October in 1987. We should also add that this was not her first appearance in this magazine since she even made it be on the covers of the Playboy Magazine in 1989 when she was photographed for the August edition. This was not her last appearance in the Playboy magazine. Namely, we all remember that she also appeared in this magazine in 1990 in the edition that was issued in March, and this edition is very interesting since she was on the photographs together with the current USA president, i.e. with Donald Trump.

Film career

When she saw that she could make it as a model, she decided to pursue a career in the film industry. Her first appearance on films was in 2000 when she had a role in a movie called Playboy: The Party Continues. The same year, she also took part in acting in the film called Playboy: Playmate Profile Video Collection. We should also point out that she also had a role in a 2001 film called Ticker. Apart from films. She was also known for having the character in Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV, a film which was aired in 2000.

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TV appearances

She also had some cameo appearances in different sitcoms. The most popular of these appearances took place in the sitcom called Married with Children and her role in the sitcom was Desperately Seeking Miss October. This appearance was the first broadcast on the 5th November 1989. We should also mention that she was acting alongside Ed O’Neill and David Garrison in that episode. Ed was, of course, Al Bundy while David was playing the role of Steve Rhoades, a friend who was visiting. We should also point out that she had a role in a video called Love in the Elevator when she played the operator of the elevator at the very beginning of the movie.


During her entire lifetime, she was followed by numerous controversies. First of all, she has been in relationships with some famous and fashionable people of that time, such as Jon Lovitz, Taime Down and Rusty Setser. Apart from these, during her stay at the Playboy mansion, she was also involved with Hugh Hefner. This is not the end. She was also in the relationship with Tracii Guns and Riki Rachtman. One of the most significant controversies and rumors was that she was having an affair with Tommy Lee, who was a colleague with her husband in Mötley Crüe.

The worst period in her life was surely when she was together with Rusty Setser, who is known to be a motorcycle stuntman. During that time she had huge problems with the abuse of drugs and her partner was also accused of drug trafficking. He was the one who encouraged Brandi to take drugs, and he was the one paying for their life. It is also known that Rusty tried to smuggle drugs in Australia, but he was denied access in that country. He then sent Brandi to import drugs, i.e. cocaine into this country. However, she was busted after a while ago. It should be noted that he was sentenced to six years of prison time in 2014 and she was right for parole in November 2016.