8 Celebrities With Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings That Are Drop Dead Gorgeous


Celebrities are an inspiration for a lot of us, and we love to look up to some of our favorite singers, actors, or influences. Most often, women tend to find inspiration by taking a close look at their fashion looks and statements, along with cool and stylish jewelry. If you want to find out who are some divas that have been rocking bright yellow ring diamonds, keep on reading, and see if you would be willing to give these a try.

What you need to know about yellow diamonds

Diamonds of every color, including yellow, are created in the same place as their colorless counterparts: deep under the Earth.

Yellow diamonds get their distinctive hue from nitrogen present during their formation.

Yellow diamonds, like the majority of other colored diamonds, may be found all over the world. The truth is that they are quite unique and different from all the rest, allowing their wearers to stand out with their little pieces.

Mines for these gems can be found in South Africa, Australia, India, Canada, and Russia, with the latter being the primary source of every yellow diamond.

Their symbolism + where you can find them

Diamonds have long been used to symbolize everlasting love and commitment to the other person.

For this reason, engagement rings set with yellow diamonds are a great choice. The color yellow is often associated with joy and sunshine, but it also has other, more serious connotations, such as intelligence, wisdom, and knowledge. If you are looking for high-quality yellow diamonds that have been handcrafted in the USA, give these a go. You will love their variety.

8 Celebrities With Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings That Are Drop Dead Gorgeous

1. Audrey Hepburn

The woman who is a legend herself had to make her way on our list as the first actress with this gorgeous jewelry item! She created history by adorning a little black dress and evening gloves with the 128.54-carat Tiffany Yellow Diamond for publicity photos for Breakfast at Tiffany’s in 1961. It was a mind-blowing moment for her fans, and every girl wanted to copy her style.

Socialite Mary Whitehouse was the only female woman to wear it; she made her debut at the 1957 Tiffany Ball in Newport, Rhode Island, when she wore it as a stunning necklace.

2. Kelly Clarkson

The son of Kelly Clarkson’s longtime manager, Brandon Blackstock, proposed to the American Idol winner with a ring set with a canary diamond and platinum in December 2012. It was a memorable moment back then, as Kelly was one of the most talked about celebrities ten years ago.

Johnathon Arndt made a canary yellow diamond ring with a 5-carat stone and a french-set white diamond halo. A true beauty, if we may add.

3. Heidi Klum

The Alexandrite gemstone, which is incredibly rare and pricey, is used in Heidi Klum’s new wedding band. It is still one of the priciest kinds among celebrities and A-list stars.

But in 2010, the model was wearing an engagement ring on her finger that was valued at over $150,000 and was created by Lorraine Schwartz.

In an igloo in the Canadian Rockies, his ex-husband, the British musician Seal, proposed to her and gave her the engagement ring.

4. Paris Hilton

Many people remember her 24-carat emerald-cut canary diamond ring, even though her engagements and her happily ever after didn’t last as long. It was a unique type and a cool ring, perfect for Paris & her wild character. After the split up, she purchased the $5 million ring from Greek billionaire Paris Latsis in 2005.

Among celebrities who prefer yellow diamond engagement rings, this will unquestionably be the most expensive one ever.

5. Beyonce

Our favorite diva and singer had to be on this list. Queen B is known for her unique approach toward fashion & jewelry. She is also all about luxury and lavishness. In the “About Love” advertising campaign for Tiffany & Co., Queen Bey and her husband JAY-Z made history by wearing the Tiffany Yellow Diamond for the first time ever by a Black lady (and just the fourth person overall). By making history, everyone tried copying their look.

6. Victoria Beckham

Since their wedding in 1999, David and Victoria Beckham have appeared to be one of the most stable celebrity couples in Britain.

Over the years, David has given her a series of engagement rings to symbolize the unwavering strength of their love for one another.

A yellow gold and yellow diamond emerald ring with a pave setting were photographed on her finger in 2006.

This ring has a value of almost $85,000.

7. Queen Elizabeth

Unquestionably, the Queen has the most incredible jewelry collection of any woman in the entire world.

According to the Royal Collection Trust, the 4-carat brilliant yellow diamond has been a component of the crown since it was created for King George IV’s coronation in 1821 and has been passed down through the British royal family ever since. It is encircled by about 1,300 white diamonds and pearls.

8. Carrie Underwood

In addition to her yellow diamond engagement ring, the famous country singer who won American Idol season four was also sporting a band with a white diamond.

This yellow diamond ring was a 2009 gift from hockey player Mike Fischer. All edges and the circumference of this 5-carat, round, traditional-cut diamond were ringed with pavé white diamonds. This engagement ring has an estimated value of around $150,000.

How to take care of your ring?

In the end, if you end up getting this ring for yourself or if you already own a diamond, make sure that you take proper care of it. A yellow diamond can be maintained in the same way as any other diamond.

Scrub the diamond gently with a toothbrush or another soft jewelry cleaning tool and a small quantity of dish soap every once in a while.

To remove the soap, rinse with warm water, and then pat dry with a clean towel.

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