10 Best Robot Vacuums With Multi-Floor Mapping 2024 – Top Picks for Clean More Efficiently

If you don’t have time to sweep or vacuum on a regular basis, robot vacuums are an easy way to ensure your home stays clean without you having to do all of the work. Because of hectic schedules, people don’t usually have the time to do all the cleaning by themselves.

They can generally avoid furniture and get beneath couches and tables because they use various techniques, such as lasers or cameras, to navigate a room. Now technology is making everything more accessible and is also for the cleaning process. Some even automatically empty their dirt compartments, reducing the amount of work required.

People usually think robot vacuums are not as good as traditional ones, but that is not true. You need to buy the best one for yourself. Vacuums come with smart pathing technology to clean more efficiently. Many of them also come with companion apps or remote controls that allow you to schedule cleanings or set boundaries. Further, we will talk about some of the best robot vacuums with multi-floor mapping.

Some Of The Best Robot Vacuums With Multi-Floor Mapping In 2024:

Let’s check out some of the best robot vacuums with multi-floor mapping in the market and have some of the best reviews from customers who are satisfied with their purchase. You must scroll down to learn more about the best robot vacuums.

1. Yeedi vac 2 pro

Yeedi Vac 2 Pro

It is considered to be one of the best on the list. It is the most affordable one and is a good robot vacuum for multi-floor mapping. To scrub off dried-on stains from wood/tile/laminate floors and suck up dirt from carpet and hard floors, the unique oscillating mopping system and 3000Pa strong suction power vacuum and mop simultaneously. Suction power is very strong compared to the other ones.


  • The 3D obstacle avoidance technology detects and avoids everyday objects. Even if you are operating from far away, you don’t need to worry about the objects. A true lifesaver for families with pets and children.
  • Using intelligent visual mapping, yeedi follows you around like a GPS. If you are planning to buy it for a multi-floor mapping, then you can surely rely on this one.
  • It recognizes your rooms in order to rebuild your home layout and plans an efficient cleaning path to cover the entire floor without missing any spots.
  • Yeedi locks 30 days of dirt in place with a 2.5L dust bag, allowing you to forget about vacuuming and focus on what matters most.
  • Compatible with yeedi self-empty station for automatic garbage disposal.
  • The yeedi vac 2 robot vacuum has a maximum runtime of 240 minutes on a single charge, making it ideal for extensive house cleaning.
  • The most affordable on the list.


2. iRobot Roomba J7+

iRobot Roomba J7+ Robot Vacuum

A Wi-Fi-enabled robot vacuum that detects and avoids obstacles such as pet waste and charging cords to complete the entire job. Being a smart vacuum makes work a lot easier. Even though it is a little bit expensive, the features are pretty good. A robot vacuum cleaner with mapping. Clean whenever and wherever you want.


  • It comes with a self-emptying technology that reduces labor and makes it self-sufficient.
  • The power suction is strong as it contains 10x suction power which sucks the hardest dust particles.
  • If you have a pet, it might be possible to clash with the vacuum, but it avoids pet accidents.
  • It identifies any obstacle that comes near it and works accordingly.
  • The suction power is pretty strong.
  • It is good at avoiding obstacles and doing the task with ease.


3. Dreametech W10

Dreametech W10

Cleaning is more effective with the upgraded 19.2cm ultra-long roller brush and 4000Pa ultra-large suction force. The suction power is strong, and the run time is also pretty good. Anti-entanglement cleaning design, double-rotating mop to wipe the floor, and ultrasonic intelligent carpet recognition effectively clean floors. Carpet recognition is an important feature and assures good cleaning.


  • It has a 6400mAh super-capacity battery and a maximum working time of 210 minutes in quiet mode.
  • It employs advanced LDS LiDAR navigation and the most recent high-intelligence algorithm.
  • It is outfitted with a 4L super-large independent clean sewage tank, eliminating the need for frequent water changes and freeing up your hands.
  • Return cleaning that is intelligent The mop, with hot air drying, provides a healthier and cleaner cleaning.
  • 4000Pa Suction Power for Pet Hair is a strong suction technology, and this ensures that the cleaning can be done easily.
  • Rapid scanning, dynamic and accurate mapping, and reasonable and efficient route planning are all possible and allow you to do dynamic cleaning.

4. Roborock S7

Roborock S7

Ultrasonic Carpet Detection Roborock S7 uses ultrasonic sound to identify carpets accurately. When a carpet is detected, S7 automatically increases suction power for a deeper carpet cleaning. You can also direct the mop lift to vacuum low-pile carpets while preventing it from cleaning medium and high-pile carpets with No-Mop Zones. Other features also make it one of the best on the list.


  • Roborock S7's 2500PA HyperForce suction and 600g mop pressure make it simple to remove dust and hair from floors and from deep into carpets. For multi-floor mapping, it is a good product.
  • The new rubber brush on the Roborock S7 is more durable and resists hair tangling better. The bristles are durable, and of good quality, so they do not get scratched.
  • Onboard maps are extremely accurate thanks to LiDAR Navigation, and Roborock's renowned navigation Adaptive Route Algorithms always work to find the fastest route for cleaning. As it contains the navigator, it makes it easier to clean even the corners.
  • Roborock S7 provides up to 180 minutes of continuous cleaning on a single charge, allowing you to clean your entire home at once. The run time is pretty impressive with the single charge.
  • The runtime is pretty impressive.
  • The navigation technology stands out from the other features.


If you are planning to have an affordable vacuum for multi-floor mapping, then this article will work for you as a guide and provide you with all the necessary information. You need to be well-informed so that you can invest properly and get the best value for your investment.