She Followed All the Rules But Still Got Corona – How?

Rachel Brummert was infected by COVID-19 despite not leaving her South Carolina home for three weeks. Since she also has an autoimmune disease, she was extra careful and took all the precautions seriously. She self-isolated and her only interactions were with her husband, a woman who once brought her groceries and a pharmacist.

But despite taking all the possible precautions, the unlucky woman started experiencing coronavirus symptoms last week, and after the anamnesis and the test, it was determined that she has the coronavirus.

Regardless of the fact that she had no physical contact with the woman, it’s suspected that’s how she got the virus because Rachel wasn’t wearing gloves when handling the groceries. Rachel told reporters that she sincerely hopes that she will recover at home since she’s heard a lot about respirators and is scared of the hospital, especially due to her primary disease. She reported that she had all the characteristic coronavirus symptoms like fever, headache and coughing.

Besides the woman with the groceries, Rachel had brief contact with pharmacists three weeks ago before quarantining. Also, she receives mail every couple of days, but whenever she does, she uses gloves. She wasn’t even ordering food.

Park Hyun, a 48-year-old University professor had a similar experience. He claims that he took all kinds of precautions, but still caught the coronavirus. He went to the gym 5 times a week but he maintained personal hygiene by frequently washing his hands and excessively using disinfectants.

Park recalls that he was naive when he thought that the pandemic wouldn’t affect him and that he was wrongly confident. He advises that we should be extra careful, but we shouldn’t panic or fear the virus.

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