New Coronavirus Symptoms, the People Infected First had these Problems

The virus that put the world on pause is new, and scientists and doctors don’t know a lot about it. But they are trying their best to learn about it through following patient’s conditions and the course of the disease.

This way, they hope they will learn more about COVID-19 and how to treat it.

There have been a lot of studies lately, and one of them has shown that some of the patients with Coronavirus had headaches, dizziness, and disorders of consciousness.

A few researchers from Wuhan have conducted this new study, China, and they’ve analyzed 214 patients that had Coronavirus. They’ve found out that almost half of the patients with severe conditions had some disorders of the nervous system.

Almost a third of all examined patients, both with severe and lighter symptoms, had some neurological symptoms.

There have been 36 patients that experienced dizziness, 28 with headache, and 16 with disorders of consciousness.

Epileptic seizures, ataxia, and nervous system diseases that cause loss of coordination of muscular movements and poor speech have been found with one patient that had a severe clinical condition.

The research also showed that nineteen patients had a hearing impairment and even loss of taste and smell.

The experts still don’t know a lot about COVID-19, for example, why some people have severe symptoms, and others have mild ones. Experts and researchers need to continue their work and find out other specific symptoms because that way, a person can be under medical supervision during the early phase of the disease.