New Shirtless Photos Of Jade Kevin Foster – Fans Go Crazy

Jade Kevin Foster doesn’t stop to surprise his fans and this time he published shirtless photos that show his Illuminati tattoo. Just like always, these images were delivered over his social media account.

Images that were published by famous international model sent his fans into meltdown, and we could see countless enthusiastic but also some negative comments. All this happened on Friday morning when Foster delivered his latest polaroid pictures and caused wildfire of reactions.

Why there were so many negative comments, you may ask. Well, the problem, as many fans pointed out, is the fact that there was, what appears to be, an Illuminati tattoo. Images that were showing the shirtless upper body of Jade Foster also showed his right torso that was covered with a controversial tattoo.

What do you think? Was that an Illuminati tattoo on his torso? Do you approve of him getting a tattoo like that?

On the bright side, we, and many of the fans Foster has, were able to enjoy the new set of photos that again proved how much he cares of his body. Well-defined physique definitely is one of the reasons why so many of his fans were confessing their love for the Australian star.

Looking at the social media and the activity of Jade Foster, it doesn’t surprise us that he always manages to attract an incredible amount of attention. As soon as Jade returned home and was in the process of unpacking his bags, he saw the story and video about Jacoby_X rapping about him.

Anyway, check out the video and enjoy.


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bad bitches on his roster like it gonna cost ya ?

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