Pregnancy Symptoms Before Missed Period

Perhaps the biggest and most important sign of pregnancy is missed period. Even though the cause of that could also be stress or anxiety, maybe some medical condition even, the first thing that pops in the minds of all women everywhere, is pregnancy. However, there are also other symptoms to look out for. So here are a few bigger ones.


Most call it morning sickness, but the fact is it may occur at any time of the day. Still, the cause for nausea during pregnancy isn’t known, but it almost certainly has to do something with all the hormonal changes. It’s speculated that the HCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) is the potential culprit.
This symptom occurs in the early stages, that is, in the first few weeks after conceiving. The dizziness and the need to throw up are not at all pleasant.
What follows are the cravings and the food aversions. What used to be a woman’s favorite food is what now can make her want to throw up. Fortunately, the symptoms subside in a matter of weeks.

Sore and heavy breasts

Women may feel that their breasts are sore often during PMS. So, it can be difficult to distinguish what the real cause is. What might help is watching out for darkened areolas. That is not something that happens during PMS, so it can be a sign of pregnancy.

More frequent urination.

A couple of weeks after conception, women start to notice that they are running to the bathroom more often. The reason for this might be the elevated progesterone levels. Progesterone affects the kidneys and gives them a sign to start filtering more blood and produce more urine as a preparation for the upcoming baby.
Later on, when the fetus gets bigger, it will start pushing against your bladder.

Bloating, constipation and diarrhea.

Bloating is also the symptom of PMS, and it can be mistaken as a pregnancy symptom. The bloating happens, again, because of the higher progesterone levels. This hormone slows down the digestion and leaves you feeling like a balloon.
Because of the same reason, constipation can occur. And yet, sometimes diarrhea follows. It’s safe to say you are going to experience some digestive problems along the way.

Headaches and mood swings.

Frequent headaches early in the pregnancy are a common thing. These can occur due to many different factors like fatigue, hunger, hormonal changes, etc. A lot of sleep can help, so there’s a good excuse to spend a few more hours in bed. You’re growing another human inside of you, after all.

Mood swings.

These are very common and very normal. Levels of a couple of hormones are rapidly changing in your body, so mood swings are sort of inevitable. You can go from crying to laughing in the matter of moments, so these mood swings can certainly exhaust you and give you those already mentioned headaches. It’s important that the ones closest to you understand you and are there to help.

Clearer skin.

So here is good news. If you usually have problems with acne and pimples, the pregnancy is time for your skin to shine. Hormones will, in all likelihood, have an amazing effect on your skin. This symptom can be observed in the first couple of weeks.

Excessive thirst and metallic taste in the mouth.

Another human in your body demands water and blood. That will require you to drink more water in order to sustain another life. Not really surprising, is it?
The metallic taste in the mouth, on the other hand, isn’t really something you would expect. This is called dysgeusia, and it refers to changes in taste. It’s typically worse in the first semester, and it gets better later on. It’s considered benign, and it’s normal during pregnancy, but since it can also be a symptom of diabetes, gingivitis of kidney disease, it’s best to consult a doctor.