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Luke Combs Net Worth 2021 – Famous Country Singer

Luke Combs was born in Asheville, North Carolina, the USA, on the 2nd March 1990 as Luke Albert Combs. It should be also mentioned that his zodiac sign is Pisces. We can add that he is 1.77m tall. He is a well-known and famous singer, who performs country music.

Love Life

This country singer is currently solo and was never engaged and married. It needs to be pointed out that he is dating Nicole Hocking and they started seeing each other in 2016. It seems that this couple is having a very solid and harmonious relationship since they have been spotted several times in public showing affection.

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He finished A.C Reynolds High School. During his high school years, he was involved in playing American football. Since he was interested in music since the earliest age, he was a member of several bands and vocal groups. It needs to be mentioned that he performed individually in Carnegie Hall. After his high school, he enrolled at Appalachian State University. This was the time when he started playing solo, and the first performance took place in Parthenon Café. It was at this period of life that he decided to succeed in music business and he went to live in Nashville due to this.


As we have said before, Luke Combs showed interest for music from his earliest age and he moved for Nashville specifically for this. It was in Nashville that he made his official debut in February 2014 when he released his first EP called “The Way She Rides”. After this, another year passed and his second EP was released. It is called “Can I Get an Outlaw”. His third EP was released in November same year under the title “This One’s For You”.


His ascend on the musical scene happened in 2015 when he released his first debut song called “Hurricane” which became the hit throughout the USA and worldwide. The single was enormous hit which was shown in numbers. Namely, in the first week upon its release, the song was sold in 15,000 copies. Furthermore, it was placed at the 46th place on the Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart. His success and talent were not unrecognized since Sony Music Nashville recognized his potential and signed him. He was even pronounced as Artist to Watch in 2017. “When It Rains It Pours” is the name of his second single that was broadcast on the country radio for the first time on the 19th June 2017. The third one was named “One Number Away”, and it had its premiere on the same radio on the 8th January 2018. The most popular song of Luke Combs is “She Got the Best of Me”.

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Net Worth

Since he is a very successful country singer, and there is a lot demand for him, it is not surprise that he cashed a lot in previous years. It is estimated that he would have 5 million USD from 2021 while his salary in 2019 was 900K USD.