5 Most Famous Bitcoin Billionaires in the World in 2021

Since the crypto revolution started back in 2009, everyone was aware that this is something that is going to be huge, but even the largest enthusiasts didn’t expect that cryptos, not even Bitcoin, will reach such high values so fast. With the current price of 40.000 dollars, Bitcoin value is around its highest, and even after the correction and the slight price drop, the price continued to rise, and there are several reasons for that. But, what is surely more important is that this way of payment is getting much broader attention and recognition, and since that’s the case, we can now clearly say that cryptocurrency is the money of the future.

Even though not many people understood, and some still don’t understand how the whole system works, that doesn’t mean that it is something bad, and with some research, everyone can find out how and why cryptos are currently the ideal monetary solution. Although many were skeptical, some believed in the whole digital money idea from the very beginning. Those who believed and didn’t want to pass on this new monetary trend, and had the patience and didn’t sell it three years ago when the price for one BTC was more than 17.000 USD, can now proudly say that they are bitcoin billionaires. Some accounts are anonymous, but there is only a handful of those, and the overall number of bitcoin billionaires today is 25. Of course, this can all change, especially if the predictions about BTC reaching 100.000 dollars in 2021 come true, but for now, let’s take a closer look at the top five most famous bitcoin billionaires.

1. Sam Bankman-Fried

Bankman-Fried is 28 years old founder of Alameda research. The firm was founded four years ago, and Bankman-Fried is managing about 2.5 billion of assets through it since then. Alameda research is dealing with quantitative crypto trading, and it is very successful. Sam graduated from MIT, and he has a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics. Two years after founding this company, he launched the cryptocurrency exchange, the FTX, and today, his net worth is about $4.5 billion.

2. Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss

They are one of the most famous twins and due to many things. They were Olympic rowers in 2008, but they are probably most famous for suing Mark Zuckerberg for stealing from them the concept of a big social network that he called Facebook. As they claim, they stole a large piece of code, and the original idea for Facebook was based on their HarvardConnection that was later called ConnectU. Because of the legal settlement with Facebook CEO worth $65 million, they were able to found the Winkelvoss Capital Management for stockpiling Bitcoin in 2012. Two years later, they found the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange, which is symbolically named after them. Their net worth is about $3.2 billion, and they are still owners of the 70 000 Bitcoins. The Gemini cryptocurrency exchange is processing about $200 million every day, and with the current value rise, their fortune will only get bigger.

3. Tim Draper

Tim is one of the investors pretty known in these circles and for many reasons. One reason for that is that he bought Baidu, Skype, Tesla, and many more companies that today have an influential role in the business market. Knowing this, it’s no wonder why people say that Tim has a golden touch, but speaking about BTC, he began his crypto adventure in 2014, when he bought almost 30.000 BTC. Now, if you are not familiar with its value that year, the price of one Bitcoin was 632 dollars. But back then, not even he thought that it would rise to almost 50.000 dollars in 2021. Non the less, today, the estimated worth of his cryptos is 1.5 billion US dollars. Tim Draper is also someone who has high hopes for digital money, and by his predictions, the worth of one BTC in 2024 will reach more than $200.000.

4. Chris Larsen

This highly renowned entrepreneur already had some impressive investments even before 2012, when he became a co-founder of Ripple, but this one was for sure the one that brought Larsen the most money. As many people know, this was a big success because Ripple allows banks to facilitate international payments via blockchain technology. Although his biggest investment was in the XPR coin, and although XPR had its ups and downs, price-wise, his largest and most significant purchase was in BTC. His fortune was once estimated at around 17 billion, but today, with Ripple being sued, and since XPR price plummeted, his current wealth is at 2.7 billion.

5. Changpeng Zhao

Just one fact from Changpeng Zhao’s career should explain enough, and as the CEO of Binance, the largest crypto trading platform, it’s no wonder that he is on this list. Zhao also invested in many cryptos, and by some estimations, his current wealth is around 2 billion dollars. Changpeng is also someone who is actively talking about Hodl, a term or slang used in the crypto world, describing that you should hold your cryptos instead of selling them, and if he followed his advice, with everything going on in the crypto market, his fortune is getting higher by each day.

The bottom line

The technology is so rapidly advancing, and speaking solely about cryptocurrencies, although there sure are some problems, they are much smaller than with fiat money, and with everything going on in the world today, their popularity will only get higher. That is why investing in cryptocurrencies is investing in your future, and there is no doubt about that. Also, since there are so many reputable exchange platforms where user security is at its best, there is no reason not to invest in it. And even though you may be new to all this, there are also some verified and renowned websites and software, like, that offer great help and guidance with trading cryptos, so there really isn’t any reason why not start with your crypto journey.