How to properly wear FR clothing

Flame Resistant clothing is also known as fire resistant or fire retardant clothing. These clothes are made out of non-flammable fabrics and materials. These types of clothing can catch fire, but the specialty of this cloth is either it will self extinguish, or fire will catch up very slowly. These are also made of certain chemicals which are resistant to flames or fire items.

Are you the one whose work exposes you to flames, arc, flash fires or combustible dust explosions and you need flame resistant or fire retardant clothing to secure you? We would like you to take a look at for FR clothing. They have varieties of it, and quality is very high. FR shirts, FR Pants, Safety Toe boots and FR outwear are few of the available categories available.

There are many jobs, but the topmost 5 dangerous jobs are listed below:

  • Electric utility line workers
  • Electricians
  • Chemical Plant Workers
  • Workers in the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Workers in the Pulp and Paper Industry

These all industries are dangerous for people, so to work here you will require flame-resistant clothing. Ensure your safety and take precautions. It’s the most important thing while you are working at these dangerous works or some other job which puts you at risk. Now let’s discuss how to wear FR clothing properly? We will walk you through the basics of these clothing.

You must have heard about primary protection and secondary protection when you are talking about Flame Resistant Clothing. We will walk you through the basics of these clothing. Therefore, to get maximum protection out of it, you are supposed to wear well-fitted Fire resistant clothing. Otherwise, you can leave room for deadly hazards.
  1. Wear clothing which is not too tight for you or too loose for you. Keep a place in your clothing only to pass air to your undergarments. This layer of air insulates you and protects you from deadly hazards. Overly baggy clothing can be dangerous.


  1. Wear undergarments that will not melt. These undergarments should be flame resistant, and arc rated base. Non-melting fibers are cotton, wool, and silk. So choosing the best type of clothing suited as per your body structure is very important.
  1. Correctly done your flame resistant workwear. This will give you the ultimate protection.
  1. Button your zip
  2. Snap the shirt
  3. Cover up as maximum as to the chest
  4. Never expose your arms, do not roll your sleeves
  5. Tuck in your shirt tails
  1. The outer most layers or the primary clothing should be fire resistant. Non-Fire resistant clothing will not resist you from heat, flame, combustible dust, fire arcs, etc. There are different options to choose with your FR workwear like FR hoodies, jackets, coats, bibs, and coveralls are smart choices. If you decide to wear non-FR clothing above Fire resistant clothing, it can exposé you to injury which can affect your exposed areas like face and head.

Ultimately, you will want to pay full attention to your garments. Maintaining a comfortable range of motion will help you work comfortably without any irritation. If you ever feel restricted that can be a reason of ill-fitted FR clothing. You need checking whether it’s too tight or too loose to wear. Therefore wearing an ill-fitted FR clothing is similar to wearing non FR clothing. Accordingly selecting the best type of clothing suited as per your body structure is crucially important. Do not ignore these minor things. We all know that “precaution is always better than cure”.