The Best eBook Reader 2024 – Reviews and Tips on eBook Reading

Today, the development of technology has greatly changed the way people live. When we say that we think about all parts of our everyday life. For example, people used to watch physical books, but now they prefer to read content on their electronic products such as mobile devices, and eBook reader hardware like Kindle. Even though this is probably the best-known software you can use, that doesn’t mean there are no others that can provide you with equally good experience.

This represented a massive shift from patterns we were used to only a couple of years ago. Now, we have the opportunity to use software that will make it possible for you to read different books directly from your phone or tablet. But thanks to the development of many free eBook readers, no matter what devices you are using, with a reliable eBook reader, you can have a good online reading experience comfortably. This is something that will provide you with a perfect experience while reading.

The most important quality to form a good eBook reader should be that the books can be presented, which means that they can present with a very good layout. At the same time, it should be said that these eBook readers can provide you with an opportunity to read not only books but comics and graphic novels. Thankfully, this is a feature that is now an essential part of every eBook and you will be able to use it, no matter what kind of software you decide to use for this purpose.

However, it should be said that not all of the software you can use will be equally good. Since there are so many of them available for you to use, you need to be careful about the one you will choose. Naturally, you will choose the one who will stand out from the crowd. The conclusion is that you need to carefully decide which one you will use. So, for people who would like to enjoy eBooks, this article is written for providing some helpful eBook readers to help improve your reading experience.

1. Icecream Ebook Reader

The first eBook reader you can try is Icecream Ebook Reader. It is a software that can be a free download on Windows 10. For users to read eBooks more conveniently, it supports multiple formats such as EPUB, FB2, PDF, CBR, and TXT. Moreover, Icecream Ebook Reader can bring more useful features. For example,

  • Allows users to manage eBook library very easily
  • Remembers your reading process so that you can reach to the place where you have been read to last time
  • Allows users to search for content inside the eBooks
  • Provides translation tool to read content more efficiently
  • Provides smart navigation performance to read eBooks more conveniently
  • Allows transferring the eBook library to different devices if you need

What’s more, Icecream Ebook Reader brings more advantages that just make it more competitive than others such as the full-screen mode, night mode, etc. It can surely bring you excellent reading experience on the desktop.

2. Calibre eBook Reader

The second eBook reader that can help people enjoy eBooks conveniently is Calibre eBook Reader. Better than Icecream eBook Reader, Calibre eBook Reader is available on more systems such as Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. With this helpful eBook reader, people can manage and access eBook resources as they need very efficiently. It also allows users to download news or magazines from the web. Equipped with tools like EasePDF TXT to PDF converter, you can save the eBooks in a well-presented PDF format for watching on more devices. Calibre eBook Reader can be competitive with the following advantages:

  • Easy to use and user-friendly
  • Available on different systems and is convenient to use
  • Free of cost and no complicated installation process has to go through
  • The ability to back up eBooks library for not losing any of your collected resources
  • The ability to allow users to edit the eBooks they collect
  • Allow downloading eBooks for offline reading

Calibre eBook Reader is especially suitable for people who have devices in different systems. The backup feature also ensures that people would not easily lose eBooks suddenly. Therefore, these features all make Calibre eBook Reader a good eBook reader today.

3. Libby

Were you aware of the fact that there is a library that you can use for finding audiobooks and eBooks that you can borrow? Also, what would you think when you hear about a library, which is available to you without sitting in the car and driving to it? We are talking about Libby, an app who will provide you with just that. However, since we are talking about a library, after all, you will need to have a library card. So, you will be able to read a plethora of free eBooks completely for free. If you have library cards from some other libraries, you can borrow books from different libraries. Plus, if you have a couple of devices you can use your account on all of these. Plus, you can do this even when you are online, which only adds to the experience.

  • A lot of free eBooks and audiobooks
  • You can have multiple library cards, so you can borrow from many different libraries
  • The app supports all of the most prominent formats
  • You can connect Libby with Kindle
  • User-friendly interface which will provide you with a perfect experience
  • Loan history makes it possible for you to loan books you’ve already read if you want

4. Sumatra PDF

For a more niche eBook reader, Sumatra PDF would come into our eyes. From its name, you probably can’t get it’s an eBook reader, but, except for PDF content, eBooks in more formats can be read using Sumatra PDF, including ePub, Mobi, XPS, DjVu, etc. Therefore, Sumatra PDF is also a helpful eBook reader if you need to read books in more niche formats. Sumatra PDF is available on Windows and the interface of which is simple for everyone to use. You can also check Zlibrary for more information.

See the following features and see if Sumatra PDF can meet your needs:

  • Supports eBooks in many different formats, both common and niche ones
  • Offers powerful and professional eBook presenting functions to allow enjoyable eBook reading experience
  • Designs in a lightweight way so the software won’t be bulky to run
  • Offers user-friendly interface and designed features

Although Sumatra could be niche and is not so well known, it is still a reliable eBook reader for people who prefer enjoying eBooks on Windows. It can bring a good reading experience for you to better spend your eBook-reading time.


The eBook reader becomes indispensable during this age when people are more likely to enjoy eBooks than physical books sold in the bookstores. The concept is pretty much the same. However, instead of buying regular physical copies of books, you are buying digital copies who will be stored inside a library of your eBook reader. Therefore, you will have them at your disposal wherever you think about reading them.

At the same time, it should be said that all of the readers we’ve presented you with this list of ours, will provide you with the possibility of having a bookmarker, so, you will have the opportunity to mark your progress frequently. With a good eBook reader can help your reading experience to be more fantastic, you can be sure of that. If you have better eBook readers want to share, please leave comments below. Thank you!