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Database Testing: What is it and How can it Help?

The database testing service will allow minimizing risks when the system is put into commercial operation. You can check in advance the correctness and safety of the database.

In the process of testing the database, the operation of the application database is checked for compliance with functional and non-functional requirements. Applications that include a database in their architecture require a database testing procedure, for example, corporate information systems, mobile and web applications.

Database Performance Testing

According to, database performance testing is a decisive factor in the effectiveness of managerial and commercial applications. If searching or writing data is slow, the ability to run the application usually falls. There is only one way to find out the cause of poor performance – to make quantitative measurements and determine what is causing the performance problem.

The problems of identifying bottlenecks in database performance are directly related to metrics, performance measurement methods and the technology for their implementation. For large corporations and large databases, the problem of determining database performance has another critical aspect: the definition of IT infrastructure for the long-term commercial operation of applications. This ultimately leads to a more accurate determination of the initial investment in hardware and necessary software. Since the high performance of the database is highly dependent on the platform and equipment, and they are purchased and operated for the long term.

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The most important metrics for measuring DB performance are:

  • the number of transactions over a period of time (various types of transactions);
  • the number of I/O operations (read lines) per transaction and its execution time;
  • the number of rows reads for each table per transaction;
  • SQL statements high working cost CPU usage time (user, system)
  • operator start and end time
  • the time to perform sorting operations (the number of sorts, the number of overflows of sorts, the time taken to perform sorts), the highest use of elapsed time and the least efficient use of indexes.

Memory usage metrics for pages of tablespaces and buffer pools (for reading data, for reading indexes), for performing sorting, for running utilities, for directories and cache memory packages, along with performance measurement metrics, are also important for effective access to according to.

What else to check when testing the database?

Data mapping

Make sure that the connections in the database correspond to the project documentation. For all CRUD operations, check that the corresponding tables and records are updated when the user clicks Save, Update, Search, or Delete from the application GUI.

ACID transaction properties

ACID transaction properties include atomicity, consistency, isolation, and strength. In the process of testing the database should check these four properties. This area requires more thorough testing if the database is distributed.

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Data integrity

Note that different application modules (for example, screens and forms) use the same data differently and perform CRUD operations. Therefore, you need to make sure that the last state of the data is reflected everywhere in the same way. The system should display updated values on all forms and screens. This is called data integrity.

The accuracy of business logic implementation

Today, databases are not just for storing records. They have become very powerful tools that provide developers with ample opportunities for implementing business logic at the database level. Examples of powerful database functions are “referential integrity,” relational constraints, triggers, and stored procedures. Thus, using these and many other features offered by the database, the developers implement business logic at the database level. The tester needs to make sure that the business logic is correct.

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