How Halle Berry Stopped Aging

Halle Berry seems to only keep getting better with age and somehow manages to make 51 look like 30.
“I exercise, and I think the way you treat your body and what you put in it, I think, is what shows on your face.”
When Berry was diagnosed with diabetes at age 19, she faced several years of “scary situations “and not understanding the condition. But Berry learned that she had to make some serious lifestyle changes for the good of her health. Here are some of her lifestyle tips…

She cut out processed sugars and bread and stuck to a clean diet of chicken, veggies, and a lot of water.
“My diet is geared towards managing my diabetes, so I try to eat four small meals a day.”
” I like to feel strong and healthy. ”

Her meal plan focuses on foods that are low in fat, sugar, and processed carbohydrates. Her favorite meals are simple -yet-tasty healthy staples like grilled tuna and garlic mashed potatoes, she revealed.
Berry has also referred to sugar as “poison” and knows the problems it can cause for her body and skin. She also makes sure her children primarily stick to a healthy meal plan, too, just like mom! “I strongly believe in talking about nutrition at an early age and setting a good example. ” But that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. Berry has certainly aged gracefully, but she acknowledges it’s not always easy.

“It’s a lot harder than it used to be.” “As I get older, I am more conscious of what I eat.” She drinks protein shakes to keep her energy up. When she is busy on set, she needs something to keep her energized.

“I am not a napper. I wish I could nap.”

“Adding vegetable protein to a shake sustains my energy throughout the day.” She exercises a ton, revealing she sticks to a lot of cardio. “I do exercises that involve my own body weight.” Her trainer, Nat Bardonnet, also said that she aims to “sculpt women into a sexy femme fatale, curvy but toned.” Berry’s insane abs are due to a focus on core three times a week during her 30-minute training sessions.

“The way I push Halle, not many people would be able to last.”

“She always has great energy and a great smile.” “She always stuns me how beautiful and sexy she looks.”

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