Did Sofia Richie Leave Scott Disick For a New Guy?!

For some time now, there have been many speculations about the state of the relationship between Scott Disick and Sofia Richie.

It all began when Disick went to a rehab facility in Colorado at the beginning of this month.

After only one day, he left because he wanted it to be a private affair, but the paparazzi made it public by publishing pictures of him checking in at the front desk.

Previously, he and Richie had been isolating together, but their fans quickly noted that they did not spend time together after he returned to California.

First, his girlfriend was seen hiking with a group of friends, and Disick was not there with them.

Now, there are reports saying that Sofia has taken up residence in a beach house owned by an unidentified male.

She even might be dating the guy who owns the property.

Because of this, it appears that these two are no longer romantically involved.

Some fans will theorize that Scott is back together with his ex Kourtney Kardashian, while the others will speculate that after several years of relative sobriety, he fell off the wagon during quarantine, and Richie simply could not take it.

Quarantine has put a strain on many relationships, and Scott and Sofia’s 15-year age gap probably did not do much to fix their situation.

When it comes to the rumor that Sofia has already moved on – well, there is no indication that she’s in a serious relationship with the mystery beach house owner.

But even if she is, that’s what 21-year-olds do.