Ford F-Vision Future Truck: Electric and Efficient

Ford is not famous for truck production, but it appears this is something the American manufacturer is eager to change. At Hannover Commercial Vehicle Show, Ford presented the F-Vision Future Truck Concept. This new model will be the electric truck with Level 4 autonomy.

Interestingly enough, the F-Vision is the first concept truck produced by this renowned company. The main purpose of a concept like this one is to show the future of commercial vehicles and the way they will be made. The new trucks are supposed to have lightweight construction while the CO2 emission will be downgraded to 0.

However, Ford didn’t reveal any details regarding the powertrain of the F-Vision. Furthermore, the officials refused to talk about the output as well as the autonomous features. Instead of that, the design was in the center of attention.

The F-Vision is inspired by Marvel superheroes and their abilities to change to fit the environment. The very shape of the rig resembles the other electric concepts delivered by Tesla and some other manufacturers, while massive LED lamps are clearly taken from the F-Series of Blue Oval pickups.

The F-Vision has the aerodynamic shape, a huge windshield which stretches to the sides. In other words, this piece of glass replaces the side windows as well. The side mirrors are missing as they are replaced by cameras.

The F-Vision is just what the name suggests – a vision! Although this big vehicle will not be produced in its whole, the chances that some of the parts and ideas will be used for trucks to come are high.

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