Japanese Brains Create 90-Percent-Plastic Vehicle (VIDEO)

The University of Tokio scientists presented the first car in the world which has been made almost entirely out of plastic. In fact, plastic was used for 90% of the vehicle.

Because this material is being used all over the world for different purposes, the scientists in Japan decided to make such a vehicle. It is an interesting fact that this car is 40% lighter than any standard model, which isn’t odd considering that this material was used predominantly.

The energy consumption is, therefore, reduced significantly which opens up various opportunities for the development of electric cars. The use of plastic in the auto industry has been marked as impossible a long time ago, stating that the toughness of the material is an issue that cannot be solved.

The scientists from Japan offered a solution and strengthened the body of a car by combining different kinds of plastic.


Japan is the innovation leader in the automobile industry, and they continue to impress the world. For instance, during the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020, the new driver-less transportation system will be pioneered. This kind of transport is expected to be commercialized in this country by 2024.