Russian Design Artist Igor Shitikov Presents Porsche Transport Vehicle

Russian design artist, Igor Shitikov presented how the retro-modern Porsche transport vehicle should look like. He called it the “Volkswagen Renntransporter.” A part of the success Porsche enjoys on race tracks can be attributed to Mercedes-Benz bus that transported the race cars such as 917 and 956 to the circuits all across Europe.

It is interesting to say that both buses still exist, one in the Porsche headquarters and the other one in Florida. Considering that the new 911 will arrive soon and the new 935 has just been introduced, the Russian design artist decided to revive the legendary vehicle and provide a rendering.

However, instead of the three-pointed star, Igor’s creation has the VW sign and some of the elements inspired by the I.D. Buzz Concept. Moreover, the bus shares so much with the transporters from the 1960s. The color combination pays respect to the original vehicles whereas the “boxy” design has been kept with enough room for two Porsche race cars in the back.

On both sides of this bus, we have glass panels with a Porsche logo on them that also allows easy access to the vehicles at the same time. Most likely, we will never see this rendering come alive, but Igor proved to be an amazing design artist. We would really love to see the bus rolling on the highways of Europe.