Luxury Shopping: How to Spend Money in Dubai


People usually associate Dubai with huge shopping malls, decadent boutiques, and luxury brands from around the world. And this is true because according to Forbes magazine, this city attracts the entire Middle East and all famous brands with its versatility and market opportunities.

This statement is not made only on the personal assessment of experts. It is supported by many historical facts that show that Dubai has always been the center of convergence of all trade routes. Today, it’s a place where you can buy the most expensive things, luxury cars, apartments, and anything you want.

We have prepared a guide for you on how to spend money on luxury buys in Dubai.

Real Estate

It is no secret that Dubai is the most popular place for celebrity vacations. And there are a lot of reasons that make people buy property in Dubai. Before anything else, it’s a great way to invest. When you buy a luxury apartment for yourself or as a rental business, you can always be sure you will sell it for a profit, because the Dubai market is expanding every year. You can check this information on

Moreover, the choice of the luxury segment of real estate is better here than anywhere else. Villas in the middle of deserts, luxury apartments overlooking the Burj Khalifa, penthouses in skyscrapers with luxury renovations — make your pick. And in addition to this variety, you do not need to pay taxes for the purchase of real estate in Dubai if you don’t intend to live in it. Once you buy it, it is yours without any pitfalls or limitations.

Gold & Diamonds

Celebrities on vacation recommend buying precious metals and stones in Dubai. In this capital of luxury, people love gold, so you do not have to wander long to find a jewelry store. In addition to the fact that gold and diamonds are in large quantities and variety, the quality of this precious metal is the highest.
Furthermore, you can buy expensive jewelry at reasonable prices. In Dubai, taxes on buying gold are much lower than anywhere else in the world. The price is set officially twice a day by Dubai Gold and Jewelry Group, thus you can plan to buy it for the most attractive prices. And sellers of gold and diamonds stand out for special hospitality and generosity. In Dubai, you can always negotiate the price and expect an exciting experience apart from the purchase itself.


Only in Dubai, it is an ordinary thing to look out the window and see Bugatti, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, and Mercedes parked in a row. It is considered normal to buy luxury cars, and no one will be surprised if you have your own fleet of expensive vehicles in the garage.

When buying a car, you will be provided with the option to get a profitable insurance plan and register your vehicle. Also, a very popular ritual is the purchase of car accessories. Only in Dubai, license plates with a special number can cost more than the car itself!

The majority of dealers provide a warranty for 3 to 5 years for new cars. But if you plan to stay in Dubai, you can forget about constantly repairing your car. On local roads, you will feel as if you are flying, not driving.

Brand Clothing

Shopping is a favorite pastime of people in Dubai. This can be understood even by the number of shopping malls that are located there. The largest shopping mall in the world — Dubai Mall — is located here. You can also buy clothes in such outlets as The Outlet Village, Dubai Outlet Mall, Mall of Emirates, Retold, or Garderobe.
The variety of luxury brand clothing is remarkable. Among them, there are Chanel, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Prada, Armani, Versace, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Balenciaga, and other world brands. However, you can spend a great deal of money on branded clothing in Dubai. This is because the demand for brands is very high, and also because it is based on imports of goods. And obviously, the price includes the cost of transporting the goods.

Still, you can plan your shopping and choose dates with reasonable prices. In particular, pay attention to the shopping festivals held in Dubai. These are the Dubai Shopping Festival or Dubai Summer Surprises.


Horses in Dubai are a great luxury. Horses are a symbol of Arab culture. Arabs treat horses the best they can, building stables for them and even decorating them with gold. Horses can also serve as a so-called currency. This tradition is relevant during marriage negotiations. The bride’s parents can ask the groom for ransom in the form of horses.

There can be no better place than Dubai to buy these royal animals. Dubai horses are distinguished by their beauty and strength. When you buy horses from the United Arab Emirates, you make friends, because local breeds are very friendly with people.

But you should get ready to pay a high price for Dubai horses. They can cost several thousand dollars per animal. The price depends on many factors, including whether you want a trained horse or not.

Summing Up

Dubai is the perfect place for luxury purchases. You can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars here as the local market is very diverse and decadent. You are welcome in Dubai if you want to buy property, exquisite jewelry, the world’s most popular cars, the strongest horses, and brand clothes.
Being the capital of shopping with the largest shopping malls, Dubai also has pleasant surprises for buyers. At the local shops, you can always negotiate a price with the sellers or catch the season of discounts or festivals. So if you are looking for a place to spend some cash, come to Dubai to spend it on luxury!

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