Oprah Winfrey’s Biggest Secret

Oprah Winfrey has a secret “son.” Most of you don’t know about this, because Oprah isn’t his biological mother.
Calvin Mitchell was just 11 when he offered Oprah a cold soft drink on a Chicago movie set. Young Calvin’s kind gesture moved Oprah so much that she tried to adopt him. However, his biological mother refused that offer since she didn’t want to separate Calvin from his siblings. But Oprah tried to raise Calvin anyway. She helped him financially to attend a posh private school… But things didn’t go as planned.


Calvin soon caught bad habits and turned out to be a rebel. Oprah was disappointed by Calvin’s character.
According to US magazine National Enquirer, “He failed to meet her standards. “ So she stopped helping him for his education.

Since then, Calvin’s attempts at reconciling with her have gone unheard. Calvin is 40 now. He tried to reunite with Oprah outside a New York City theatre in 2015, But Oprah waved him off, saying that she had no time to talk.
The humiliating incident reportedly devastated father-of two Calvin and sent him into a deep depression. Calvin caught many bad habits since then, and addiction is one of them.

“If Oprah ever cared about me, ever I’m asking her for help. “ “I’m asking for counseling for anything she can provide.”

Despite her $3 billion fortune, Oprah has denied him as her son. Calvin’s biological mother, Eva, regrets the day Calvin met Oprah.

”Calvin can’t keep a job, and he’s depressed all the time. I can truly say that if Calvin had never met Oprah, his life would be entirely different right now.“

What do you think? Should Oprah help Calvin or not?