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Blac Youngsta Net Worth 2021 – Biography and Career

This young African-American artist has become very popular in the few years. He does rap music and is particularly popular among younger generations.

Personal Life

Blac Youngsta was born on April the 8th in 1990 in Memphis. His real name is Samuel Benson but he is using an alias as an artist. It needs to be pointed out that he grew up in one of the most criminal areas of Memphis, i.e. in the street called McMillan. He grew up without parents.
People that brought him and his younger brother were their grandparents who tried to provide them with good upbringing and behavior. Furthermore, all family members were employed, but they did low-paid jobs and there was not enough money even for food. Samuel started working when he was 10.

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As all other young boy in that area, he also started to hang out with guys that had criminal records. Soon afterwards, he began to sell drugs and he even bought a gun. This lifestyle soon cost him his freedom and he was behind the bars for some time. This jail time actually helped him to rethink about his life and his actions and he decided to turn to music, i.e. to rap.

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During his professional career, he was accused of being involved in several shootings and other similar activities, but charges were never pressed against him. On the contrary, he tries to help his neighborhood where he was raised by organizing annual parties there. He started this in 2011 when a boy from this area was shot.

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We should also note that this artist was never seen with a girlfriend in public. Blac Youngsta neglected all accusations of him being a homosexual. He now lives in LA, California.


He started writing lyrics and making mixtapes back in 2012 and this was actually the start of his career. His breakthrough happened when he released “Fast Brick” in 2012. After this he released one more while the third one was released in 2014.

2014 was the year when everything in Blac Youngsta’s life changed. Why? Well, he suffered a personal tragedy when he lost his brother in a gunshot. He then decided to put his feelings and emotions in lyrics and he wrote a song called “Heavy”. It also needs to be added that YoGotti was the one who helped him a lot in his career development since Gotti’s CMG signed Blac Youngsta.

Net worth

Blac Youngsta has earned a lot in previous years due to his good rapping and career. It was only in 2017 that he cashed in 2 million USD. Apart from this, his residence in LA is a mansion that is estimated to be worth at about 30 million USD. His year salary is estimated at $200K.


Blac Youngsta has a hard and a rough life. There was no easy way for him both personally and professionally. However, he succeeded in overcoming all this and paving his way to success.