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8 TV shows for all the techies, now available on Netflix

What is about to follow is a list (in no particular order) of top TV series currently available on Netflix to satisfy your geeky TV cravings. If you’re a Silicon Valley fan, you must know it isn’t really the LOL kind of comedy, rather brings a hefty amount of sarcasm on the current startup-craze hiatus. 

As much as horror and superhero movies make on the box office, Sci-fi movies constitute a considerable chunk of box office collections too. Hence beyond flicks and other genres, Science is also a great genre for TV that has been worked upon and still has a lot of room for development. So, if you like Silicon Valley, we are pretty sure you’ll be down for these shows on Netflix, and they sure will make it worth your while and every penny you paid. So, off you go…

Halt and Catch Fire

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The series is set in the ’80s, focusing on the boom the personal computing industry saw; it depicts fictional plotting through the eyes of an engineer who grew during the development of the World Wide Web. The series has no comical touch to it, at all and is probably the only such entry in this list. The story revolves around the struggle between the engineers, programmers, and the corporate giants who had the policy of bringing slow developments in technology and charging consumers the premium price. The smaller players, who do manage to revolutionize technology, find it hard to thrive because of the rich giants playing against them.


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Although animated, Archer is far from a child’s play, rather one of the best TV shows for adults. First released in 2009, the series continues to date. It’s where information technology meets spy thriller, as the story circles around the lead, Sterling Archer, with and ironic-enough codename “Duchess”.

The series depicts a group of people who work together but feel border-line hatred for each other. It would be safe to call it a perfect blend of hilarious-ness packed in obnoxious-ness. The group members are always on the lookout to sabotage one another’s missions. 

The IT Crowd

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The show is basically set mostly in the basement of a fictional company’s office that goes by the name, Reynholm Industries. It is a comedy show that revolves around two protagonists Moss and Roy, not as socially active, working as colleagues in the IT department. The show portrays their mostly unsuccessful antics at work and outside too. 

It is a great comedy illustrating how Roy and Moss go around dealing with their boss who doesn’t know anything about IT and cannot even differentiate between software and hardware.

Silicon Valley

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In the Technological gold rush of modern Silicon Valley, everyone wants to have their chunk from the pie. The series has been highly successful and there’s a very strong possibility you might have seen it. If however, you haven’t, it’s high time you did. To be honest, even if you have already seen Silicon Valley, it definitely is worth another watch. The show illustrates the struggles of a startup (Pied Piper) in Silicon Valley run by a group of 5 people led by Richard Hendricks.


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This is by far one of the most recommend-able entries in the list, based on the story of a delivery boy Philip Fry who freezes himself by mistake in 1999 and wakes up 1000 years later in 2999, and goes on to find work at an interplanetary delivery company. Fry, along with his friends Leela and Bender, sometimes Amy and the crew’s Doctor, Dr. Zoidberg, travel across the universe delivering packages on different planets.

 Master of None

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Master of none is one of the most unique shows by Netflix at this time. The show does justice to all three elements i.e. comedy, drama, and mystery. The series, created by Aziz Ansari, depicts a 30-year-old guy named Dev residing in New York City. The show doesn’t really have techie stuff in it, but does reflect many tonal similarities with Silicon Valley. It mainly follows the life of Dev, both personally and professionally, taking you on a ride with him as he finds friends, gets a job, faces an immigrant crisis and finds himself a girl.

Arrested Development

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The protagonist Michael Bluth, a single father to a 13-year-old son George Michael, has had to keep his large dysfunctional family with him as their father is arrested for wrong-dealing the books at their family-owned company. At the peak of real estate development, the family business goes bankrupt. The only sane member in the family Michael Bluth along with his son struggles to keep the family and the situation under control.

Better Off Ted

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Working in a science-based “evil” company, the manager tries to handle the scientists while his boss pressures him. The lead, Jay Harrington plays Ted Crisp and is also the on-screen narrator. If you like the well-written, smart humor of Silicon Valley then you will definitely like this one too.

So off you go woke-folks. Go ahead and explore this dimension for yourself, gear up your cox internet and stream them all! Click here to get the most out of the internet connection.