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OSRS: 5 Best Ways To Earn Gold in PVM

Looking to make OSRS Gold through the ways of combat? Then look no further! Playerauctions has been discussing the top 5 money makers in OSRS, from the monsters that haunt the grounds of Old School RuneScape to what methods to use so you can net the most possible gold per hour. This task predominantly revolves around the bosses that you will encounter during your time in the game, and the amount of gold per hour will differ between every encounter, though your stats will often come into play so make sure to be well-equipped and have your stat levels high before approaching these often towering enemies. With that in mind, check out this boss list on your way to gold and glory.

1. Abyssal Sire


Starting off with the intimidating yet money-savvy Abyssal Sire, this boss does have its own unique requirements to overcome but will prove particularly profitable. Players will need to get their slayer skills up to 85, and will need to be on the Abyssal Demons or Abyssal Sire task to attempt to slay it. Stats as high as 90+ will be needed to take down the Abyssal Sire, but it’s worth it because it can net you a hefty sum of 3 million gold per hour!

2. Dagannoth Kings


The Dagannoth Kings are on par with the Sire in terms of the amount of gold that you can make per hour, though they are arguably much easier to take down. Dagannoth Rex, Dagannoth Supreme, and Dagonnoth Prime make up the trio of kings and will need a variety of combat approaches to overcome each. Make sure your combat stats are at a high power leveling if you want to take them down on your own. However, doing so will also earn you a whopping 3 million rs3 gold per hour, making it well worth putting the time in.

3. Zulrah

If you’re looking to go beyond the 3 million barriers of gold being brought in, then look no further than Zulrah. This renowned snake is known by veterans as a cash cow, and also offers some very effective drops. Not only will you bag an impressive 4 million per hour, but the Toxic Blowpipe is also a drop from this boss! It is considered to be one of the better-ranged weapons in the entire game. So, if you are looking to grab yourself a high amount of hourly gold and one of the best weapons for consistent damage in Old School Runescape, then be sure to go face-to-face with the legendary snake!

4. Vorkath


Should you be willing to go one up from snakes to dragons, then one of the most effective gold-making methods lies within the battle with Vorkath. This dastardly dragon boss can be taken on after you’ve finished the Dragon Slayer 2 quest. It draws not only a high amount of gold in the form of 64,000 gold per kill but also draconic visages as well! These visages are extremely profitable and very rare, so to fight something that drops them rather frequently could prove highly useful indeed. If the battle is approached carefully and effectively, you could be looking at an overall profit of 5 million old schools RuneScape gold per hour!

5. Raids


If combat is your preferred method of making gold in OSRS, then the raid boss is the most effective player-versus-monster method. The majority of the profit that you will make here will primarily come from drops, with extremely valuable items such as the Twisted Bow becoming available. Death Runes will also provide a healthy flow of income throughout the battle. If you do happen to struggle to take on the job solo, you can take on the task with a squad of up to 30 players and still gain the high amounts of gold per hour, which stands at around 7 million or go the easiest way by buying RuneScape without grinding is the key point of winning the game .

Keep in mind that there are a number of ways to make by selling osrs or buying OSRS Gold, but the list above are your best bets if you want to take down monsters and make big stacks at the same time!