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Video Game Bosses That Truly Test Your Patience

The sense of adrenaline rush when you win a boss battle feels like a huge accomplishment. But what about the times you feel rage and quit or smash a button or two on your keyboard? Either you or the video game boss has to admit defeat, and it’s frustrating when you are the one who almost always does.

A video game without boss battles is just never fun to play. Every gamer craves challenges, but then that craving turns into agony too. Donkey Kong, Bowser, and Diablo have been some of the iconic bosses in video game history. Even now, be it a multiplayer game or an RPG like the Final Fantasy series, every game comes up with bosses impossible to defeat.

Undoubtedly, every avid gamer has confronted a boss impossible to defeat. No matter how immaculately you strategize and practice, you pretty much always fail at defeating them. Don’t give in. Don’t surrender. Just connect your console or gaming PC to buy speed internet from and play the night away. After all there can be no end to trying; in this case to defeat some of the hardest bosses in video game history.

1. Orphan of Kos – Bloodborne

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While all the monsters in Bloodborne have an eerie flair to them, the Orphan of Kos is brutal, swift and each encounter with him is dreadful. His screeching screams, horrific transformations, and the weapon he yields, which is actually his own placenta attached to his arm, envelopes the in-game experience with an unpleasant aura.

You do not confront him on the original Bloodborne game. Instead, he is the final boss in The Old Hunters DLC. Many have deemed the fight as one of the most difficult boss battles in the Bloodborne series since defeating him is a challenge to the core.

2. Alma – Ninja Gaiden

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Ninja Gaiden games are known for difficult bosses and gameplay mechanisms. However, Alma just outdid the difficulty levels of the Ninja Gaiden franchise from way back in 2004. Quick decision-making, swift moves, and reflexes are what you need to defeat Alma. In her awakened form, she shoots out projectiles that are not easy to dodge.

Getting closer to her and making close-range attacks becomes impossible. Whenever you try to get close, small creepy monsters surround you, and you have to kill them before attacking Alma. To make the situation even worse, Alma starts throwing deadly purple orbs of energy. The cherry on top, the soundtrack during the battle makes the experience superbly scary.

3. Nemesis – Resident Evil 3

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The arch-nemesis of Stars, Nemesis, is the main boss in Resident Evil 3 who still does not fail to enliven the horrors he evoked in 1999. Nemesis is not the final boss in the game, but defeating him is quite frustrating since he begins to randomly chase or attack you, especially when you are off guard. The Tyrants in Resident Evil games tend to behave as crazy stalkers, but the gruesome persona of Nemesis makes you hesitate from making the first attack. He can show up anywhere, at any moment, without letting you calculate your next move. To hide your kids, hide your wife, Nemesis will stalk you around until the final showdown.

4. Emerald WEAPON – Final Fantasy VII

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A giant fish? Octopus? Or a whale…? Final Fantasy VII players simply cannot comprehend what sort of creature Emerald WEAPON actually is. But one thing is for sure. It is one of the second hardest bosses in the entire game. You confront Emerald underwater. So, you will have to hold your breath and dodge the projectiles Emerald shoots for 20-minutes straight.

It sounds absurd, but you have to deal with it to win. This ‘extraterrestrial’ being does not only shoot projectiles; it even stomps on you, dealing a lot of damage to the players. To defeat the giant monster, you have to choose the right counter attacks that would drain its power, make it weak and easier to kill.

5. Nameless King – Dark Souls 3

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We have already mentioned Bloodborne from the Soulborne series, but Dark Souls from the same franchise simply couldn’t be left out. If you thought Orphan of Kos was frustrating enough, wait until you confront the Nameless King in Dark Souls 3.

First, you slay the King’s loyal dragon. Once the dragon is slain, you have to defeat the King himself. He yields a giant spear that he swings at you with perfect aim, he throws flames in both directions, and his attacks are so swift you just cannot find enough time to dodge. The fight prolongs even after you take him down once. So be patient and gear up for the ultimate challenge.