Zach King’s Youtube, Vine and TikTok Very Successful Careers

Zachary Michael King, or as he’s mostly known Zach King, is a Vine and TikTok star from the United States, he’s also known for his filmmaking and for being a YouTube personality. He started off on YouTube back in 2008 and went on to post on Vine in 2013 where he got famous for his videos which he would edit so they would look like he is doing magic. He dubbed those videos “digital sleight of hand”.

Zach King’s Career

His career started out in 2008 when he made a website called, he was offering lessons and tips as to how to use the editing software Final Cut Pro since he could not really find any tutorials on YouTube or the internet in general beforehand. While working on his website he started posting tutorials on YouTube, that helped get his website a bigger audience so he started to sell training seminars and used that to finance his way through university.



As already mentioned he started his video making and editing career on YouTube, specifically with a video called Jedi Kittens he posted in 2011, which went viral and garnered him over a million views in just three days and after that it was only going to get better, he posted another video in the same theme that got even more views, which really sent his channel into stardom. YouTube recognized him and he ended up being one of 25 most promising youth film-makers in 2013, which ended up winning him a prize of $35,000 and a trip to New York City, where he spent 4 days with other YouTube creators learning and sharing their experiences.



His video editing career took a turn in 2013, some would say for the better and some would say for the worse. That is when he started posting videos on Vine, a social media platform where people would post short 6 second videos and Zach fit right in. He found amazing success in just the first couple of days of him starting his Vine career so he decided to post 1 video per day for the next 30 days, it was a lot of hard work but ultimately it very much paid off. In 2014 people would even see him on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which would bring him even more success.

Since then he’s been talked about even more, appeared on TV and has been written about. He was interviewed by The Independent and was asked what his future aspirations were, he would go on the say that he would some day like to direct feature films, especially action-adventure ones, and that definitely does seem to suit him the most.



After Vine disappeared, which reasons you can check here, another app or social media platform appeared, it is called TikTok. It used to be known as, but it has been rebranded and is now host to so many talented people from all over the world. Of course Zach saw the opportunity and decided to create his own TikTok account, he started posting videos there in 2016 and right now he has over 37 million followers.


All in all, Zach King has had an amazing career so far and has brought joy and happiness to millions of people watching his videos, we cannot wait to see what he does next!