YouTube Promotion – Where to Do It Efficiently

Do you watch YouTube videos? You aren’t the only one. A huge number of people do this all the time. However, as much as it may seem like it, the owners of the videos have a hard time getting recognized and reaching wide audiences.

The whole process consists of many actions that lead to this. After uploading the video on your channel, you should pay attention to its YouTube promotion. Yes, the site has millions of users, but it’s impossible for them to watch all the videos out there. They see only those that are the most viewed and are well-promoted.

Moreover, YouTube promotion is a field that is expanding and opportunities arise all the time. Here we gathered the top sites that allow you to do that efficiently and be sure that your video gets noticed.


Platforms like these enable video makers to present their creativity to the world. After you create an account by providing your email and password, the promotion starts. What’s nice about it is that the team behind the platform works on increasing the views organically and encouraging real engagement with the videos. Only this way, you can be certain that you are receiving the wanted attention and your work founds its way before the eyes of many viewers.


No promotion is complete without social media. And Facebook is the leader when it comes to this. Its large base of users makes it easier for videos to get discovered. The good news is that you can do the promotion alone, as well. All you need is a profile or a page and creative ideas for posts where you can incorporate the link to the video. Other ways to try are finding famous sites and people in your field of expertise and commenting with the link, spreading your network of followers by organizing giveaways, joining groups, and such.


At first, Twitter doesn’t look like the obvious choice for YouTube promotion. However, it has large audiences and offers a few unique possibilities. The main one is, of course, incorporating the link in your short tweets. They allow you to both say something meaningful and invite people to see your work. Aside from this, you can take advantage of the hashtags. This social media platform openly shows the top and most popular hashtags with the most people engaging with them, giving you a chance to be one of them and show your video to the vast groups of enthusiastic people.


Recently, this platform has become one of the largest ones judging by the number of users. Even though it’s predominantly focused on young people, there are plenty of options for organic promotion. For starters, on your profile, you can add a bio and include the YouTube link in it. Then, you can craft posts and put the link in the descriptions as well as post stories, inviting the viewers over to your YouTube channel and videos.

Final Thoughts

Do you want to share your experiences and ideas regarding all of this? Are you utilizing some of the aforementioned sites to promote your videos? We’d love to hear from you.

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