Half-sister of Prince Harry and Prince William – Who is Laura Lopes?

There is no doubt that the royal family of Great Britain is the most interesting monarchical family at the moment in the world. In recent months, the media has been intensely interested about members of this family. About a year ago, the birth of Prince Archie Harrison was of great interest to all media, as well as previous preparation for his birth. After that, the news that shocked the whole world was about the abandonment of duties and royal functions by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Let’s be honest, no one expected it.

However, the coronavirus pandemic has overshadowed all of this and has become a major issue. But, a departure from royal roles and duties has made us recall a member of the royal family who may fill their place. It’s Prince Harry’s and Prince William’s sister. While this may be just speculation, we believe that it is very possible for this lady to assume certain royal duties in the near future. However, since she does not appear as much in the media as many of her family members do, we believe you don’t know much about her.

Below you can read what her name is and what she is currently dealing with.

Half-sister of Prince Harry and Prince William-Who is Laura Lopes?

So, the name of Prince Harry and Prince William’s half-sister is Laura Rose Lopes. Her mother is Camilla Parker Bowles, which means that her father, Andrew Parker Bowles, is the first husband of the Duchess of Cornwall. When Camilla married Prince Charles in 2005, Laura became his half-daughter. Like we said, she doesn’t appear too much in the media, at least not as much as her half-brothers.

However, royal family fans probably know that she was born on January 1, in 1978. Also, Laura has a brother named Tom Parker Bowles. He is a food critic. 42-year-old Laura Lopes has been married to Harry Lopes since 2006 and the couple has three children, Eliza, Louis and Gus.

We mentioned that her brother Tom is a food critic and is quite successful, but not so much is written about him. Laura, on the other hand, is an art curator and has already successfully managed several art galleries. According to some sources, she even has her own gallery located in London.

So, as successful in her job, Laura proved that she might at some point replace Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Of course, if this is necessary and if Queen Elizabeth decides to grant her royal duties. Therefore, we will see if something like that going to happen.

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