Alexis Morley, Adam Schlesinger’s Girlfriend Shared Their Last Photo before His Death

After almost a month after the death of Adam Schlesinger, his girlfriend Alexis shared their last photo taken together and opened up about her loss.


Just a day before Adam felt sick, he and Alexis went on a beautiful walk together in upstate New York on March 15. The late Fountains of Wayne musician soon after that found out that he is positive for the coronavirus, and unfortunately, he lost the battle on April 1. He died at the age of 52.



Alexis shared two photos on her Instagram page and wrote a heartbreaking caption where she explained everything that happened.

She said that Schlesinger fell in love with walking together with her, just as long they didn’t call those walks “hikes.” The two of them went on one of their regular walks, and the next morning Adam woke up with a fever.


Both of them thought that everything would be over soon, just like with any other flu. Alexis shared that they’ve spent a lovely week together where she took care of Adam. She tried to keep him comfortable, nurse him, and be gentle to him just like he would do that to her when she was sick. They both believed the fever would break, but it didn’t. After seven days, things got even worse, and Alexis needed to bring Adam to the hospital.

She wasn’t allowed to stay at the hospital due to a strict ban on visitors. Alexis was terrified, but the two of them kept in touch by texting the whole time. They were making cute jokes and hoped for the best.


She shared that Adam kept thanking her for saving his life and kept telling her how much he loved her. But the next morning, he got intubated, and she never heard from him again.

She got the call no one wants to get at 3 a.m. from the hospital, where the medical workers told her that Adam is not going to make it.


Due to that strict visiting ban, Alexis knew that she wouldn’t be able to see him, but she asked if there was any way that she could. And they did make special arrangements for her to be allowed in the COVID unit and he Adam for the last time. Layers of PPE protected her and the medical workers.


To Alexis, Adam looked peaceful and beautiful, and she thinks that he could sense her there, even though he was deeply unconscious. She can’t express her gratefulness for being able to spend his last hour with him. She couldn’t stay there for so long, so she went home and just moments after she arrived home from the visit she got the call. The call saying her boyfriend Adam lost the battle and had died.


The second photograph that she shared on her Instagram page alongside the photo from their walk was one from that day that he died.

Alexis said that shortly after she arrived home, a male nurse, Jordan, who was wonderful to her in the COVID unit, called her and told her that Adam passed away peacefully. Jordan also said that he was holding his hand at that moment. That day, April 1, was such a gloomy and dark day, but at that moment, the sun came out for just a couple of minutes and lit up the sky.


She concluded the story with the words: “I love you so, so much, Adam.”


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