What Is Quit 9 To 5 Academy


It is a program that teaches students among other people of interest especially entrepreneurs on how to brand and position themselves in the market. It’s a marketing course that is divided into modules to enable the learners to get the intended concept in bits. This program, unlike other programs, enables the learners to create comprehensive, competitive and creative ad campaigns that help them make money consistently.


The founders

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The cofounders of the Quit 9 to 5 Academy are Mark Ling and Nick Torson. These are determined entrepreneurs ready to help growing entrepreneurs. They begun from scratch and quickly grew into millionaires. They are focused mentors who help and inspires many people in the industry.


Program Modules

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This marketing program is divided into modules. There are 6 modules in this program. These modules are however broken down into topics. These topics are based on the types of marketing and strategies. There are over 20 hours crammed into more than 50 videos all intended to help the learners understand the concept of digital marketing. This program teaches HOW TO WHEN TO, and WHERE TO’ do affiliate marketing AND Online Advertising. This kind of marketing is mainly based on Social Media in general and Facebook in particular. The beginners can reach a wide pool of customers in social media thus selling their brands effectively.

When going through the entire program modules, one is guaranteed to have the most competitive skills and qualification in marketing and more so in digital marketing. There are no shortcuts to this program, and so the learners are supposed to complete them to acquire the desired entrepreneurship skills.


Payment of the modules

There are different investment cost of the Quit 9 to 5 program modules. The learner may opt for a One-Time Investment which totals to $2,497. There is also an option of limited Time Payment Plan which consists of 3 payments of $997. However, it all depends on the financial capability of the learner.


The target

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This program targets new customers in the online market. It equips learners with the ability to market and sell online products. It helps them to brand themselves and be able to penetrate a more competitive market easily. The new entrepreneurs can make sales in a competitive market.


The importance of Quit 9 to 5 program

1.It helps one make money consistently whether a beginner or an already established entrepreneur who does not apply to other related programs.

2.The entrepreneurs can reach a wide variety of clients which enable them to generate more business revenue.

3.The course is easy to understand and follow.

4.The co-founder is self-motivated entrepreneurs who are client oriented.

5.There’s no limit to the number of products you can market.



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The Quit 9 to 5 marketing program is all you require as an entrepreneur because it is brought by individuals who have undergone similar processes and have emerged successful millionaires. They share this in the books they have written as well as videos based on their experience in real sense and therefore helps you undergo the process successfully.

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