How to Manage Instagram via the Facebook Inbox?

Did you wish ever that you could handle the Facebook and Instagram messages and comments at the same place?

Did you hear of Facebook inbox before?

The inbox of Facebook lets you handle Messenger, Facebook and Instagram messages and comments at one location. Here are some ways mentioned which can be used for managing the Instagram account with the help of Facebook inbox.

1: Connect the Facebook with Instagram Accounts

If your Instagram account has already been updated to the business account and also connected with the Facebook account, you will receive the notification as you will open your inbox on Facebook. The notification says that you can read as well as reply to the comments on Instagram, now using Facebook.

But if your Instagram and Facebook accounts are not connected already, and as you open the inbox and click on the tab of Instagram, you will be asked for logging in the Instagram account for completing your setup process.

2: Responding to the Instagram Comments using Facebook Inbox

After connecting both Facebook and Instagram accounts, you can view all the comments notifications of Instagram on the Facebook Inbox. Tap on the tab of All for seeing all the notifications of Messenger, your Instagram account, and Facebook page on mobile. For viewing only notifications of Instagram, click on the tab of Automatic Instagram Likes.

You can see thumbnail-sized images of your posts which got comments with a first line of the captions. You can also view the usernames who have recently left comments on posts, along with the timing of the latest comment. Click on post notifications for opening the comment thread of post in your inbox. You can see each of comment on your posts on next screen, including the comments where you had responded to others.

Similarly, while using a desktop, go to your inbox of Facebook and click on the tab of Instagram, located on the left side. Choose the posts mentioned there for seeing comment notifications for these posts. It is important to notice that few of the native features of engagement which you use on Instagram are not there on Facebook Inbox.

There exists no feature for replying on comments of posts while using Facebook inbox. Instead of this, you need of manually typing the username of a person for responding to his/her comment. Or you can see the reply button if you slide the comments on the left side. Click on reply button for populating the username of the person in the field of comments. And, you can make use of this same feature for accessing the delete function if you need to delete comments in post thread. Also, you will see that the usernames aren’t clickable or hyperlinked, so you are able to view the profiles in the inbox.

Organize the Instagram Notifications

There are numerous ways of organizing the inbox, both on desktop and mobile. All of the post notifications get displayed within the inbox. Things which are unread and new appear bold. As you open the notifications, the messages don’t appear bold but stay there in the list of the inbox. You can select the file notifications present under other files (Follow-up or Done). Or you are able of even marking the notifications as Unread. For mobile, you may also require of tapping on the icon of three dots or gear for finding a Move for following up feature. Keeping your notifications organized will let you along with your team to manage the response time better and engage with the audience using Instagram content.

3: Edit the details of Instagram Account using the Facebook Page

Beyond handling the comments on Instagram posts and buy Instagram followers from smmpoint, it is possible to edit a few of the account details also by using Facebook. Tap on downward arrow, located side to the Help on the top right side of the page. After then select Settings. On the screen of Instagram, you are able to edit the account name, website URL, username, contact info, and bio description. Simply tap of a button of Edit and make the changes. When you are done, save them.

Again, few native features of Instagram aren’t available as you edit using Facebook. For instance, the spacing or formatting which you use within the bio won’t be needed to transfer to the layout of Instagram. For changing the website URL frequently or updating the bio regularly, manage the fields using Facebook.


Those users who are active on Instagram and get continuous notifications of the comments, the new tool of connecting with Facebook inbox can help them a lot for streamlining their management process.

Obviously, Instagram is owned by Facebook and Facebook wants to perform what is needed to keep users on their platform, thus integration was unavoidable. But, those who use other tools of the dashboard, they can get a lot of help also, about managing their Instagram notifications.

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