Video Editing Suggestions and Tips

There is no secret to becoming a good video editor, but the momentum has to be there, and of course, you have to commit yourself to the purpose. You must be a person entirely involved with both creativity and technical knowledge, and that is what will make your video stand out and speak for itself. It is vital for you to develop your style, and as soon as you have finished experimenting what works best for you, stick with it.

We are going to suggest a few tips that can make your editing process simple to understand and implement, bridge the gap between a beginner and an expert, providing information that you can use and rely on when in doubt.

Starting Out

Carefully choosing the right software is the first step we are going to talk about (that is – if you want your audio and visuals to be good).

As we mentioned above, it is necessary that you develop your own style but to make it easier, you will have to decide which software will suit you the most. Software for video editing basically will offer everything you need to perform standard video edits, but depending on the features, usability and digital interface you prefer they can be recognizable.

We suggest giving a try with the next: Final Cut Pro – (multi-cam support,  fast workflow, sleek interface, compound clips), Premiere Pro – (tons of online support, dynamic link with other Adobe software, consistent updates,  customizable interface, regular updates), DaVinci Resolve – (node-based effects,  fantastic color features, sleek design, free software), Avid Media Composer – (exhaustive feature set, great for large projects, fast workflow,  server rendering compatibility).

High-quality equipment

Save time by using a fast computer. In our opinion, the wanted tool for you will have to be equipped with SSD which will guarantee a fast storage drive meaning faster render,  export times and loading. More quickly editing speed will be able if you increased RAM, according to the experts 8GB will be enough to ensure your fast workflow. We will leave the choice between PCs and  MACs to you, note that the better one is the one that has enough storage for the files you have and fast enough to allows you to focus on editing.

Something People Forget

You can go wrong with good music. The point is for you to recognize and acknowledge the fact that visual performance can only be useful as the sound from it is. Some say that 50% of a job well done in video editing is from selecting good music, think just how many movies you remember for this reason and you will instantly understand what we are saying. We suggest finding the guide for good music in royalty free music provider, professional help will ensure success in the end

Effects, Organization and More

Remember that a bunch of effects to impress your viewers will not be enough, you have to edit for a story. Keep your focus on telling a story, challenge yourself to and take the opportunity to make your video unique and authentic as much as you can to be recognized as such.

If you organize your files and projects in folders, you can use them again when you have the need for them. Whether with the suitable equipment or not, you have to maintain an efficient workflow, consistency will lead you to become a useful and practical editor.

Adding text and graphics will depend on the video type. Aside from the title, you may have to include more but always try to keep it simple that doesn’t grab too much attention and then see how it works in your opinion. Approach this part of video editing like an experiment, and chose the best one.

When you have finished your work, and the video is ready to be exported we suggest exporting it for the web. The main point is to create a file that maintains its high quality without making it too heavy for online viewing and uploading.