Top 8 Music Videos That Have Most Dislikes on YouTube

Just like celebrities, youtube videos get more hate the more popular they get. And when it comes to music videos this also true. Of course, the music video of your local rock band has about 10 thousand views and about 1k likes, but that’s nothing when compared to the most viewed youtube clips. With a billion views on a video, a couple of million dislikes seems alright, doesn’t it?

These are the 8 music videos that have the most amount of dislikes!

8. Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball, 1.4 M

This is what happens after a sweet and innocent Miley Cyrus turns into a hammer-licking diva. No one stays indifferent after seeing the video. You might love what she did to that hammer, or you might hate it, but the chances are you will use it for clickbait. And who even cares about that dumb song after all.

7. Nicki Minaj – Anaconda, 1.5 M

Damn, 1.5 million dislikes? Nicki somehow managed to piss off a few small countries with her twerking alone.

6. PSY – Gangnam Style, 2,1M

This video, which was a massive hit, has such a large amount of thumbs down just because it was overexposed and people got sick of seeing it everywhere. Also, consider the fact it has around 3 billion views! That means half of the world saw it and eventually did the famous “Gangnam Style.”

5. Bibi H. – How It Is (Wap Bap…), 2.8 M

To be frank, today is the first time I’ve heard about this one. She is one of those vloggers that also wants to do music, but apparently not enough to make an effort to make something that is actually good. All that said, 2.8 million dislikes sound a bit excessive for something we see quite often which is a lot of autotune and unoriginal lyrics.

4. Rebecka Black – Friday, 3.3 M

Just think about having to go through the same thing Rebecca did, and being only 13 years old while it was happening. Crazy! Okay, fine, her voice sounded horrible and nasally, and the song was bad, but she gave it a try. It’s been years, and she still gets mocked about that video. I don’t wanna be that guy, but leave the girl alone! It makes me happy to know she is still on Youtube and her channel is doing pretty well.

3. Luis Fonsi – Despacito feat. Daddy Yankee, 3.6 M

Just typing out Despacito gives me a panicky feeling. Compared to Gangnam Style, the only thing this cheesy video has going for it is the fact that the rhythm of the song is catchy. Not really a good thing for the artist if everyone knows the name of the song but not the name of the person who sings it. All we hear is “despacito this” and “despacito that.” This one deserves the 3.6 million dislikes it got.

2. Jake Paul – It’s Everyday Bro feat. Team 10, 3.9 M

A d-bag is a d-bag, moving from one platform to another wasn’t gonna change that. Everyone knows about what happened in Japan, and who he is in general, so naturally, everyone freaked when they heard about his diss track. In more than one way. 3.8 million thumb downs, hm? It sounds like we can do better than that honestly.

1. Justin Bieber – Baby feat. Ludacris, 9.4 M

And at first place, the Biebs himself. Never been a fan of him or his mischiefs but I gotta respect him for managing to get with Selena Gomez. Not sure I have anything to say about him that would be new, but he is still the reigning king of dislikes with a colossal 9.4 million of them. It has almost the same amount of dislikes and likes. To paraphrase the wise words of Chandler from Friends: “He sings the best bad songs, so if anyone is in the search of a best bad song, Justin Bieber is your man.”

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