Top 6 Tips on How to Ace Business Travel

Traveling for business should be like closing that huge deal. Make the prices right, confirm the location and ensure you keep the customer happy. Keep to these simple rules and you will ace business travel. However, these rules can be a little loose with their meaning so here’s more detail for you:

Tip 1

Make the prices right, a plethora of factors go into business travel, more than those of a holiday but remember this is not a holiday so do not treat it as such, you can afford yourself an afternoon of sightseeing if the price for the later return flight is cheaper but otherwise stick to the plan. Keeping the prices right is hard when you’ve set aside a budget for travel but a hot tip is to look at the cheapest flights to your destination before you book your meetings, this way you can save money and show commitment. Getting a car on the ground is a big no, book ahead EnjoyCarHire. Never get priority boarding or extra baggage just pack light and send emails whilst all those other people are lining up to get on a plane that has allocated seating.

Tip 2

Confirm the location, have a look way in advance at the places that you’re headed to and find out possible deals that you can get for restaurants or accommodation if you know you’re going to be bringing quite a few people down to their place then see if they can do you a deal and make the client feel special in their home town.

Tip 3

It doesn’t matter if you are going on a holiday or business trip, you should always avoid carrying unnecessary baggage. You should be very particular about the things you want to carry with you. Maybe it will sound funny to you, but you should be pretty strict about carrying clothes that are within one color palette. That way, you will avoid wearing clothes that simply don’t match. If you are on an extensive trip, you’ll be happy to know that there are many laundering options that you can use. If you are going to foreign countries, you should inform yourself about the things that are not legal in that country. You’d be surprised to learn that some of the things are common in your country are illegal in some other countries. 

Also, there is a number of certain things you can carry with you on your way home. You probably don’t want to see your hair products or bottles of a certain drink being taken away from you at the airport. When you are preparing for your trip, you should avoid carrying too many cosmetics with you. Naturally, there are things that you can acquire in the country you are about to visit. And last, but definitely not least, you should check that you are carrying all the things that are necessary for your work with you. For example, a laptop, business-related documents, presentations, projects, clothes and shoes appropriate for business, device chargers. In case you don’t have enough space in your luggage for all of the essential things, you have some unnecessary things with you, without a doubt.

Tip 4

Keep the customer happy, if it’s yourself traveling then do all the things you would normally do at home, read a book before you go to bed at home? Then do the same abroad, jog every morning then keep doing that, one of the main points to maintaining a level head abroad is routine so save the indulgence for once you have spent five years with the clients, not the first time.

Tip 5

All of us can agree that making and submitting expenses that occurred on business travels is one of the worst things that you can are required to do. Some people are even stating that this is much more stressful than losing luggage. However, let’s be honest. Being on a trip is not going to be cheap. It doesn’t matter if you are carrying your own credit card, or you are using a company’s card. You should always have in mind that you need to collect all of the receipts you are getting. There are a lot of expenses that you’ll encounter while you are on a business trip, like accommodations, meals, driving in taxis, etc. The other thing that you should do is taking notes. You can even write them on an envelope you are carrying your receipts in. A big percentage of the companies that require their employees to file expense reports. You should have all the information in one place. That way you will have a much easier task of filling these reports. That way it’ll be easier.

Tip 6

Until certain accidents, people weren’t aware of how we are dependable on tech devices. Therefore, you should always have a wireless charger with you. This will provide you with a plethora of benefits. You will not have to wait in a row for charging station, you will have your phone charged at all times, and you are not going to go offline at any moment. This can be really helpful in a plethora of situations. Especially when you are in some kind of emergency. 

The Bottom Line

Business travel should feel as natural as your morning commute. Keeping it that way will ensure that stress and trouble from long-distance travel don’t bother you. So many people head overseas for business and come back wondering why it didn’t go the same as it does in their home town, more often than not it is not the client that didn’t want the deal it is you that pretended you were in your right mind, traveling long distances exhausts the body so you absolutely must take good care of yourself. You should definitely make the business trip a holiday at a small percentage. Take a tour of the city, visit historical sites, meet local people, etc. Better to be on the ground with the client with your mind in order, that way you can close the deal that you hoped for.