This is How Boris Johnson Got Infected

British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is infected by Coronavirus and is fighting for his life at an ICU.

Recently some video clips were shared on which you can see British PM Boris shopping in an Arab, Turkish or Pakistani shop in London.

Immediately after the video was shared, it went viral, and people started speculating a lot.

People started commenting that it’s a big possibility that he got infected by Coronavirus when he was shopping there because the shop was full of people.

British PM Boris Johnson is still in the intensive care unit, but he is feeling better than he was before. British Finance Minister, Rishi Sunak, stated that Boris is feeling better and that now he can sit in his bed.

People on social media platforms are commenting that maybe he wouldn’t get infected if he didn’t go to that shop while others are saying that Boris is a sweetheart because he was shopping with regular folks.

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