Coronavirus Will Remain for Two Years

In an interview for “NPR”, CDC Director Robert Redfield explains how some people got infected even whilst following the social distancing rules. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is considering revising the protective mask instructions: from now on everyone should be wearing them, not just doctors and medical staff.

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“What is confirmed as of now is that there are infected people with no symptoms, and we presume they represent roughly 25% of the total cases. This is important, considering that they also contribute to the spread of the virus even if they don’t feel sick”, explains Robert Redfield.

Asymptomatic cases can spread the virus for 48 hours before the first symptoms occur. Some reports say that there are patients that do not cough, have a fever or a breath shortage.

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Due to this new data, CDC Director warned that the coronavirus will impact the everyday life of everyone for the next 24 months. “This virus will remain with us. I hope that we can ride out the first wave, and that we prepare for the next one. I hope that the vaccine developments affect the spread of the virus”, concluded Redfield.

Some vaccines are currently in the testing stages, but the first valid vaccine is expected to come out in the next 12 to 18 months.

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