The Curse of Oak Island Episode 4, Season 7 – Can the Team Really Find the Buried Treasure?

The latest episode of the reality TV series ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ was more than interesting!

Even though Rick and Marty Lagina have put in a lot of effort into finding the rumored treasure which was apparently buried in the Oak Island, they haven’t found it just yet. Up until now, they have discovered a few historical elements, but in the latest episode of the popular show, they have revealed that their search has moved further.

The reason behind this progress in the search is an antique brooch. This object resembles the symbol George Washington used for the famous battle flag. Also, the new evidence may indicate that the founding fathers in fact knew about the Oak Island treasure. Even though the evidence seems pretty convincing, the team passionately works on gathering more information in order to prove to their audience that they are right. The Lagina brothers are sure that this object is historically relevant and state that they will continue with further research.

Also, the focus of the episode is put on a piece of wood, dating from the 1700s, found in Smith’s cove. This discovery can be connected to the mythical flood tunnel, which could be another trace to the buried treasure. Apparently, this piece of wood used to be a part of the tunnel. The fact that this wood is thought to be 60 years older than the discovery of the money pit might indicate that the team is on the right track. However, the bothers state that they cannot be carried away with this assumption and that the search will, therefore, be continued at a slower and rational pace.

The latest episode of the popular show was truly fascinating, since it may represent actual progress in the search. Everything indicates that the team is actually getting closer to reaching their goal. More importantly, the viewers were left with questions such as ‘Are the theories in fact correct?’ and ‘Is it possible that the brothers will actually find something?’ One thing is for sure though – the team will continue with its search and do everything in their power to prove that they are right. Furthermore, they will try to provide the audience with as much evidence as possible in order to back up their claims.  All in all, we shall see what happens next when the upcoming episode airs on History Channel, on Tuesday at 9 pm ET.