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Who is the one who pays for Oak Island Treasure Hunt?


Oak Island’s alleged treasure may be bigger than the team could have ever imagined. However, the amount of money needed to dig everything out is up in the millions of dollars. So the question is simple, who is behind all of it, and is paying for the whole treasure hunt? Let us together dive into the financial background of the show and see who covers the majority of it all.

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Who is paying for it?

Digging is not an easy task, and they are absolutely not using the most affordable excavation. The digging they are doing is very expensive. The funds for the job are reported to be coming from a number of different sources, including the cast members.

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Marty Lagina and Craig Tester

Out of all the treasure hunters, Marty Lagina and Craig Tester have the biggest budget. Supposedly, they also fund a lot of the excavation, including digs that are more expensive. The pair might also have some help from different sources outside their line of work.

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Oak Island tours

Still unconfirmed, the team of Oak Island owns a special tours company, which allows both fans and history buffs to come and witness the mysterious island. They can learn about what the team has found and dig for treasure themselves! Through a small business like this one, the hunters probably make additional money that goes to the hunt, probably some of the smaller operations.

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History Channel

Being the History Channel’s most popular show, the network probably pays their cast members per episode.On the other hand, they might also fund some of the treasure hunt. The producers of the show probably have deals with equipment companies whom they collaborate with, as well as other companies that are experts in the field. They most likely get some funds in turn for product placement. For example, the narrator repeats the names of the companies whose equipment is featured.

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Other than personal and network investment, Rick, Marty and their team probably have some financial backing from investors that come from outside of the show. People interested in Oak Island and its mysterious treasures may see potential value in funding a part of the whole process.

One investor who has been revealed is Nova Scotia Business Inc (NSBI). They invested around $2 million in the show. Their line of work is helping businesses in Nova Scotia grow. They have a specific fund for film and TV production in this province of Canada.

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Government grants

Since the show is historic and benefits culture and knowledge, Lagina brothers and their team could have funds provided by some part of the government of Canada.

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