How Difficult is Shadowkeep’s Story Destiny 2?

The surface of the moon was always the strongest card in Destiny’s deck. However, the sequel had a somewhat different approach, into an open area of sorts. The original game had its roots into a retro-futurist exploration of space. This is something that can be bad is on some levels for the future of the franchise. However, let’s face it, space is a really beautiful thing and there are limitless possibilities of where the game can turn, in terms of storytelling. Just being present in space can give some insight into the history of mankind and the exploration of the space. In the first installment of the game, the moon was the place to be.

The second installment called “Destiny 2: Shadowkeep” is the first expansion released after Activision and Bungie decided to go separate ways. Once again players are allowed to return to the moon. However, the moon is the main place that it’s going to keep players in awe. This time, the place is trauma. Between the events of the expansion, an event called “Great Disaster” happened. At this event, a majority of Guardians, the superpowered beings that players took a role in the first game, died. They died while invading the moon’s enemy territory. In the expansion, the “Great Disaster” returns, so the ghosts of your characters from the first game are hanging dead in the sky and crying for salvation.

You’ll be happy to hear that some events from the first game are returning is familiar ways. Also, the bosses from the first installment are returning to. The conclusion is that the majority of the story of the expansion is closely tied to the original game. Different from many other games you have played, this game doesn’t have the approach of presenting these memories as pleasant, Shadowkeep presents them as traumatic experiences. The violence of the first game leaves a heavy and fresh wound that is going to leave a mark for the end of the storyline. Don’t get us wrong, this is not a critique, we love this feeling because this is something that we encountered something like this from any game. Well, maybe from Telltale’s “The Walking Dead”.

When it comes to the gameplay, the strength of the player characters has been reduced and the weapons are taking much less damage than they used to in the first game. Also, special abilities are taking somewhat longer to activate. The reason behind this decision is that they wanted to reset the whole gameplay system and introduce a more explicit star-based armor system. This approach will allow the players to build up a character they want to play with more effectively and freely. The amount of details that are inserted for this purpose is really high. So, every player that returns to the world of “Destiny” will see how weaker their characters are. Naturally, with these conditions of playing, they would need more skills to surpass some of the bosses and parts of the game. If you are interested in finding more about the gear you can use in this game, visit this site.

The Story

Before we continue, we feel obliged to say that the story of “Shadowkeep” is really hard to explain. There are so many different levels that need further explaining even after the storyline has been told. There are some scenes from the campaign that will show you a full context that is really hard to dissect. Also, there is a whole new arch that was introduced in the expansion that is going to provide you with a whole new journey to go through.

This is actually a really good decision that the developer made because there is so much story to be told in the next installments. As you could presume from the title of this article of ours, some of it is really hard to explain. Also, the ending is something that provides you with so much context that almost everything you say, you’ll be right, but not fully. We think that’s the charm of this game. Naturally, the general idea of the game is pretty clear. But the devil always resided in details, right?

One of the things we would like to point out is that the story of the expansion doesn’t include the resolution of the story. The story is only telling about things that are going to happen next year in the game’s timeline. This is a really interesting concept if you think about it. Now, let’s talk about the final mission that provoked many reactions that we lost our count, literally.

The Last Mission

The final mission sees the character entering a black pyramid that is located on the inside of the moon. In order to get to the last part of the game, you need to fight through a high amount of Crota, Ghaul, Fikrul, etc. After that, the character will find himself on the platform that’s full of flowers. At that moment, the character will have a dialogue with himself. However, you should be aware that the character doesn’t talk to himself. He talks to the Darkness.

The Darkness teases the character with the story of providing him with immense power. That location is called “Black Garden”. This is the location where Vex was born. The message delivered by the darkness is a mystery. However, we are pretty confident that we are going to find about its meaning in some of the next games. The biggest mystery of the game is what is the intention of the Darkness that speaks with the character. We know that there are pyramid ships that are looking to invade.

However, the intention of the pyramid is unknown at the moment. Is it stalling for having more time until the invasion? Does it have intentions of its own? Whatever the reason, certainly it’s not good. Especially if you understand that the Darkness is the main antagonist of the franchise. The true strength of this game is that introduces them for the first time. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this franchise and its story.