9 Sports Stars Who Endorse Online Gambling and Casinos

The world of sports and online gambling are intrinsically linked to one another in 2024. We look at nine of the most popular and well-known sports celebrities who proactively work with and endorse online casinos and gambling pastimes.

1. Neymar Jr – PokerStars

Arguably the best soccer player in the world right now, the Brazilian national team sensation and Paris Saint-Germain superstar, Neymar Jr, loves playing poker both offline and also online at the best mobile casino sites. You’d think with his commitments to play for PSG in Ligue 1 and the UEFA Champions League, as well as training he’d have little spare time for anything else.

However, PokerStars employ him as a global brand ambassador. As well as making the brand incredibly more appealing to a wide variety of audiences. Soccer fans and the general Brazilian populace will sit up and pay attention due to Neymar’s activity. While his interactions have peaked and troughed, PokerStars does run a few football incentives with his name plastered all over them.

2. Usain Bolt – Ganapati


For many people in the 2000s and 2010s, Usain Bolt was the reason they watched the Olympics. The Jamaican runner dominated multiple fields of competitive running as he defined what it was to be a successful runner.

In 2020 he signed a deal with slot software developer, Ganapati, to allow his likeness and licensing details to be used in a bespoke slot machine game, aptly named: Usain Bolt: the Slot Game. While some criticized the Olympian for endorsing gambling to audiences, the game has received good reviews from industry experts who praise the 27 pay lines and attractive graphics.

3. Shivam Dube & Dinesh Karthi – Parimatch


Parimatch has a wide range of business interests. While its Indian business model is mostly focused on selling premium sportswear, the fact that they’ve signed up Indian Premier League players and cricket superstars, Shivam Dube and Dinesh Karthi, is a sign that they want to raise awareness about its sports offerings.

4. Maya Yoshida – Vera & John


It wasn’t that long ago when gambling in Japan was almost completely shunned. Pachinko, a local bingo game was the only way to experience the thrill of gambling with limited prizes and ways to play other than visiting a physical store. However, with social norms changing in the country online gambling companies like Vera & John are tapping into the Japanese market.

That’s been assisted by the endorsement of the captain of the Japanese national football team, Maya Yoshida. He’s regularly been seen in advertisements for the firm and is a big influence having played for the highest level of club football, having featured in the English Premier League with Southampton before.

5. Most WWE Superstars – DraftKings

Betting on a sport that has a pre-determined outcome might seem unusual, however, is evidently a market that the WWE wants to tap into. This comes as for the last few years the company has produced multiple adverts for DraftKings promoting the brand, in particular for their forthcoming events. For example, superstars like Sheamus and Drew McIntyre have both been seen using the app and talking about which markets they’ll bet on for an upcoming match on a forthcoming event.

However, the ads are still serving the purpose of spreading awareness to a different market. Wrestling fans might still want to bet on other sports, if gently prompted by their favourite athletes.

6. Conor McGregor – Me88 & PariMatch


The 34-year-old MMA sensation, Conor McGregor, might or might not be retired from the octagon. Consecutive losses to Dustin Poirier have cast doubts as to whether he’s still able to fight at the top level. What isn’t vague however is McGregor’s partnership with Me88. The Malaysian platform has its face all over it.

Conor has been working to improve trustworthiness and promote fair play, having been recorded saying multiple taglines promoting the company’s dedication to fair gaming. This isn’t his first venture into endorsing gambling as he previously dressed up as the Joker for an old advertisement for PariMatch in 2019.

7. Cristiano Ronaldo – Multiple


Despite Cristiano Ronaldo playing and residing in Saudi Arabia at present, a country which outlaws ALL FORMS of gambling, CR7 has had multiple business interests in the past which have promoted online gambling and casinos.

Ronaldo became a global ambassador for LiveScore. This company while not directly a gambling platform work in conjunction with countless others to promote sportsbook betting. More recently, they’ve started to dabble in prediction-based wagers. Don’t expect to do so if you’re cheering on Ronaldo from the stands at Al-Awwal Park. He’s worked with DAZN before, granted well before DAZN Bet was launched yet the connection is still very much there.

The global soccer icon has also been seen playing cards recreationally at a multitude of different casinos when he’s not on the pitch. This included a lengthy partnership with PokerStars when he signed up as a Global Ambassador for the company back in 2015. He’s since been moved to the back of the pile as he’s been replaced by Neymar and even the original Ronaldo is more prominent on the site now.

8. Tiger Woods – PokerStars

Tiger Woods, one of the greatest golfers of all time, made headlines not only for his achievements on the golf course but also for his endorsement deal with PokerStars. As a brand ambassador for the popular online poker platform, Woods added a touch of prestige to the world of poker.

Known for his strategic mindset and mental toughness, Woods was a natural fit for the poker industry. His partnership with PokerStars helped bridge the gap between golf and poker, attracting new audiences to the game. This endorsement deal showcased Woods’ versatility and highlighted his appeal beyond the golfing realm, cementing his status as a global sports icon.

9. Tony Romo – fanduel

The former NFL quarterback, Tony Romo, turned sports analyst, has made waves with his endorsement deal with FanDuel, a prominent gambling outlet. Known for his strategic prowess on the football field, Romo brings his expertise and passion for the game to the world of sports betting.

As an ambassador for FanDuel, Romo lends his credibility and insights to enhance the user experience. His partnership with FanDuel not only highlights his continued involvement in the sports industry but also emphasises the growing acceptance and popularity of sports gambling. Romo’s endorsement deal with FanDuel solidifies his status as a trusted figure in the realm of sports betting.