Reasons to Buy a Golf Cart Instead of Renting

Reasons to Buy a Golf Cart Instead of Renting

There are pros and cons to buying and renting a golf cart. But for those who can afford it, it may be beneficial to buy one. Below we will take a look at the factors you need to consider.

It Belongs to You

If you buy a golf cart, it belongs to you. This means that you can do as you please with it. It can be fun to decorate your very own golf cart and truly personalize it. You will stand out on the golf course. In addition, you can even add a sound system to it, paint it any way you wish, and get custom wheels to make it distinctive. Visit an online store like Golf Cart Tire Supply to get the wheels you want or replace worn ones.

Your golf cart becomes an extension of you. The better the player you are, the more people will pay attention to your golf cart, and the reverse is also true. If your golf cart stands out, people will want to know more about the player.

On the downside, you are responsible for keeping it in good working order and replacing any parts that wear out. When buying it, you need to be careful when making your choice. If you are buying a used golf cart, which is a cheaper option than getting a brand new one, here is what you must look out for. You can also opt for a refurbished golf cart.

Your Golf Cart is Always Available

Golf Cart

Sometimes, when you want to rent a golf cart, they have all been taken. This means that you have to wait your turn or give up your plans to play golf for the day if this is not possible or desirable, which can be awkward when you are meeting your friends at the golf course. If you own it, you need never miss a game or wait for one to be returned.

Buying Can Be Cheaper

In the long run, buying it can work out cheaper than renting, especially if you are a frequent player. You should do some rough calculations before making your decision. How often do you play? What is the daily cost to rent? How long will you have to play to make up the cost of purchasing one? Is this worth it or is renting a better option for you?

Each golfer is different, but the more of a pro you are, the likelier you are to want to own your golf cart. Of course, if you are a beginner, you should start with renting until you know if you plan to keep on playing. Only once you are playing regularly, several times a week, should you look at buying it. You can check the yamaha quiet tech golf cart price online.

No Scheduling or Returns

The person who rents a golf cart has to schedule one to be available and then wait for someone else to finish their game. At the end of your game, you have to take the time to return the golf cart. However, if you own it, you avoid all the hassles of scheduling and returns. When you arrive at the golf course, you can tee off in minutes. Once your game is over, you simply pack up and go home, no delays.

A Golf Cart Can Have Multiple Uses

Golf Cart Can Have Multiple Uses

If you own or live on a big property, you can use your golf cart to get around, for example, to check the condition of your fences. When you mow the lawn, you can collect and transport the grass cuttings to where you need them.

While there are some disadvantages to buying instead of renting, for many golfers the advantages outweigh these.

Save More Money

If you are an avid golfer, you may need to visit golf courses quite often. In such times, traditional transportation options can be very expensive. Even if you rent a golf cart, it can cost you a lot in the long run. Millions of golfers share the same struggle worldwide.

You may be happy to know that golf carts only cost a fraction of a traditional car. In addition, golf cars are also very sturdy as they last more than 20 years. Not to forget that maintenance and repair costs of golf carts are negligible, and the insurances are easy to fit your budget as well.

Therefore, purchasing it is way more affordable than renting. Of course, you can also consider renting your golf cart to friends and family and making some extra money. This way, you can avoid your golf cart from being idle.

Explore Street Accessibility

They are one of the most affordable vehicles available in the market. Since it’s a convenient vehicle, many states are working towards giving street accessibility to golf cart owners. Hence, they can drive their golf cart by following a set of rules and specific instructions.

However, it is always a better idea to read about the permissions and restrictions in your area. You may even need specific permits to drive your golf cart in certain areas. Therefore, it is important to ask any local golfing community about the instructions on the subject.

Golf car drivers in inaccessible areas recommend staying under 35 mph and following the safety instructions. It is also recommended to stay vigilant in areas that may be overcrowded. This way, you can avoid a lot of problems in the longer run.

Endless Customization


Every car owner wants to customize their vehicle to add personalization. After all, there is nothing too bad with wanting your vehicle to reflect your personality. However, this endeavor can be very costly with traditional vehicles. In many cases, it may need help from the best professionals in the field. However, you can say goodbye to these limits with a golf cart.

They have endless customization options. Of course, you can always add the colors of your choice, but that is not all. You can add cup holders, get patterned seats, and get bumper stickers that reflect your personality. You can also consider stenciling your name on the golf cart’s back to personalize it even further.