8 Sports You Should Consider Betting On in 2024


Gamblers can be creatures of habit. Load up the app or website of your preferred offshore betting site, go straight to the sport you know, and hope for the desired outcome. That’s fine in its own right if it amuses you, but if you want a break from horse racing and football, consider offshore betting on these different sports.



The ATP and WTA tennis confederations operate throughout the majority of the calendar year, meaning there’s always some kind of tennis to watch. Whether it’s the men’s, women’s or doubles competitions betting platforms are never short of a match to wager on.

One of the best attributes of tennis for betting is the totality that there will be a winner. Player X or player Y will win, giving you just two outcomes to choose from the result. However, the fun doesn’t stop there. If you’re a big Rafael Nadal fan and you know he’ll beat his opponent pretty easily, most sites allow you to predict how many games will be in specific sets or the score when the Spanish player triumphs. So even if he’s playing a rank outsider, you can still earn some money if he comes good on a 6-0, 6-0, 6-0 win.


One team sport that is not in short supply is volleyball. Italy has arguably the best leagues in both the men’s and women’s divisions, however, there’s more than the Superlega title to bet on. Most offshore betting platforms allow for set score betting, so if you’ve got an inkling that Stuttgart Women will lose the first set but go on to defeat Dresdner, you can bet on that.


A sport primarily played by women, netball has three major leagues: the Superleague in England, ANZ Premiership from New Zealand, and Super Netball as the major competition based in Australia.

With a multitude of teams across these leagues, there’s a good chance to play an accumulator on a series of results. Or an alternative is to go headfirst into a specific fixture and predict match events, scores, and the margin of victory. Furthermore, you can even dissect your predictions for each quarter and even bet on which period of play will be the highest scoring. Therefore, if you know that the Celtic Dragons love to score at the death you can profit from it.

Rugby League

Depending on your locality, you might not need the league suffix when referencing rugby league – as for some, rugby league is the only rugby competition. Regardless of geographic spectatorship, there are some decent opportunities to gamble in rugby league.

Super League fixtures typically are well stocked with multiple markets to bet on. This includes predicting try-scorers, how many points a team will score, and of course result-based predictions. The National Rugby League and Australasian Rugby also offer several outright markets due to the wealth of cups, competitions, and seeding places.


Another sport that offers just two outcomes is snooker. Whether Ronnie O’Sullivan is playing at his best or not, he simply cannot draw due to the format. The WST calendar runs for the majority of the year meaning that there’s always a tournament to place some money on the overall winner.

Snooker offers a lot of other additional markets from within a single match. Budding gamblers can typically wager on how many century breaks a player will score throughout a match, individual frame winners, and whether a maximum of 147 will be achieved. Not every sportsbook can offer such extension options when it comes to snooker, so you really need to make sure you look through a list of the best sportsbooks for offshore betting before getting started.



The Major League Baseball competition does its best to fill the calendar with baseball fixtures spanning North America with seemingly endless games leading to the World Series. Add in the amateur ranks, the NPB from Japan, the Colombian competition, and even more – there’s always somewhere a baseball game to bet on.

The larger the competition’s reputation, the more markets tend to be available. Most MLB games offer an extensive amount of attributes to bet on, lending itself to the statistical prowess of the sport. Gamblers wanting to delve into this can wager on individual player runs, how many hits will transpire in a specific inning and of course more general markets like the winning team.

One thing to note about baseball betting is that given the enormity of baseball schedules and rosters, if you bet on a specific player market, they might not even play in the game as the coach may shuffle the team around. Be sure to read up as to whether the company you bet with will void the selection or treat it as a loss.


Even people who don’t follow darts know the unmistakable sound of a crowd roaring when a 180 is scored. It usually happens a few times between the two participants, and yes, you can bet on exactly how many times. The repetitive nature of darts allows for multiple markets to open within the sport. Bettors can try to predict not only who will win a match but which player will score the highest check-out, if they’ll be a 170 finish, and how many legs the match will last. With the PDC seemingly continuing to extend its tournament portfolio with new events to complement the Word Championship and Premier League Darts, there are more than enough arrows to have a wager on.

Formula 1


Can you hear the engines revving? That’s the sound of a given Sunday afternoon of the F1 cars whizzing around the circuit. The races might be a little infrequent and sporadic in scheduling yet do offer a ream of betting opportunities throughout race weekends.

This includes betting on the racer to lead after a certain amount of laps, where racers will qualify on a Saturday. There are also lots of interesting outright markets to play on as well. These feature betting on how many races a driver will win, and who will win the constructors championship among others.

Now given that Red Bull is seemingly in a league of their own in 2024, some bookmakers, including Bet365, are offering markets without them. I.e. you can bet on the race winner, excluding Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez – as the odds are a little more competitive without them involved.

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