Small Tokens Of Appreciation For Your Colleagues


Not everyone loves their colleagues, but sometimes we get lucky and we actually get to work with some amazing people that brighten your day from the start. Our colleagues are the people we spent most of our time during work in the office. We get paired and work in team projects, help each other, and enjoy each other’s company. So it’s important for us to show our appreciation towards them.

Below we will tell show you a small token of appreciation for your colleagues that will create an even more amicable working relationship.

Moody Cards


Moody cards is an interesting concept idea that most new startups use as a fun way of telling the rest of the office how you feel. They are humorous cards that will put a smile on everyone’s face with their fun captions. Moody Cards are excellent tokens of appreciation that your coworker will love you for getting them. They tell anything from “be back in 5” to “do I look like Google to you?”

Desk Accessory Holder


Everyone who’s working in an office will appreciate a desk accessory holder. Everyone office has them, but most of them look generic and boring. So why not get create and get one for your coworker who is best at multitasking. There are some amazing desk accessory holders that have everything from a roll of tape, to pen holders, to more pen holder, to pepper clip holder.



Tell me a female person who doesn’t appreciate flowers? That’s why one of the best tokens of appreciation can be flowers for your female colleagues. They are the best gifts to show appreciation, and the best ones for that are Sweet Peas, according to

Countdown to Retirement Clock


This is a fun gift that tells how much time we got until retirement. Working can be boring, and we all have that one colleague who is incredibly bored while working. So why not brighten his day and show your appreciation towards him by getting him a clock that will countdown the time left until his retirement? It will be a fun gift that we are 100% sure it will make him smile.

Cubicle Guest Book


We’ve been in hundreds of situation where we need something from our colleague but he’s not at his cubicle. A fun, and great way, of telling him that we’ve been to his work desk is to get him a cubicle guest book that we can sign in whenever we’ve visited. Some of these cubicle guest books have all the teeny tiny sections of information from the reason of our visit, to even just saying hello.

Walkie Talkie


What better way to know the location of your work buddy than with a walkie talkie? As walkie talkies are designed to tell someone’s 20, they make excellent tokens of appreciation that will save your best friend a lot of cell phone minutes. I mean who even uses walkie talkies? We know the answer; you and your buddy who you appreciate the most.

The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace


What better way to tell a colleague you appreciate them than with a book about appreciation. Why would you bother having a mushy moment when you can get them a book that tells the whole talking? It’s the best way to make someone feel appreciated, and as always, it’s a very fun gift idea.

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