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5 Feng Shui fixes for your office


The mystical, 5000-year-old Chinese art of Feng Shui literally translates as ‘wind and water’ and it proposes that prosperity and health are promoted by ensuring a healthy flow of chi energy throughout a room.

So whether you work from home or in a traditional corporate building, it’s worth considering how it might affect the way you design your workspace.

With that in mind, here are five Feng Shui fixes for your office.


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The first step to switching up your office ambience is nothing more complex than a good old fashioned lick of paint.

And since experts suggest yellow makes you happy and boosts positivity, it’s as good a choice as any to cover your walls with.

Read more on the positive properties of this shade in this CNN report on the power of yellow.


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While its tempting to tuck your desk away in a cosy corner, the laws of Feng Shui dictate that its optimum power position is facing the door.

Apparently, when we work with our backs to the door, we subconsciously feel more vulnerable, whereas when we can see people entering the room, we can welcome them warmly and prepare positively for any interaction that follows.


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Facing a window while you work can feel pretty wonderful — a scenic view opens up opportunities for a few minutes of cathartic daydreaming.

But spending too long gazing outside can be a distraction and, according to Feng Shui, the energy we build up to attack challenging tasks dissipates dramatically because it flows right out of the window and escapes into the ether..


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Feng Shui is an elemental discipline and water represents a state of flow, adaptability and freedom which is closely linked with wealth accumulation.

So installing a small tabletop or freestanding fountain in your office might work wonders when it comes to balancing the books. Luxe Water Walls have plenty of indoor water features to choose from. You have to check out their site.

And place your water feature in the north, east or southeast of the office – areas associated with health, cash and career.


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Your office entrance is a primary portal for the flow of chi energy, so this area should be perfectly prepped to welcome in positive vibes and deflect negativity.

And that’s where checking out a company like Kleen-Tex comes into its own – as well as trapping dirt and detritus, their mats are available in colours that chime with your door-facing direction. For example, south-facing doors suit red, orange and yellow, while blue and black are better for north-facing.

After physically and psychically wiping the outside world from your feet, you can float into your inner sanctuary in a highly productive state.

That’s our list! Share your own Feng Shui tips in the comments section.