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Should you hire a Lawyer for a Slip and Fall Accident?

Are you thinking about should you hire a lawyer for a slip and fall accident? The answer to that is not always easy, usually, it is a maybe. There are various factors that will influence the decision and each of the factors needs to be carefully thought about before you proceed. Of course, after a slip and fall accident, it is natural that you might question yourself on consulting or hiring a lawyer. It is never a bad thing to use your free consultation to present the aspects of the case to a lawyer. The layer will then take a look at your injuries, whether the party was unaware of maintaining a safe environment, and the amount of money the insurance company is offering to you.

Only then can you actually decide on proceeding with a lawsuit or not. Before going on to the main point of this article, here is a little information about slip and fall accidents. According to, this accident can occur from something referred to as “premises liability” which is the responsibility of the owner of the property. They need to ensure the safety of their workers, visitors, or resident. Property owners can be liable both financially and legally for slip and fall accidents that happen on their property.

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Owners of office buildings, malls, and apartment buildings, as well as other property types, are responsible for the safety of the people who are on their property. This means that they need to implement care in order to keep the premises safe by inspecting the building and surrounding area are safe for people. Hence, if a slip and fall accident happens, they can be held accountable as a direct result of them not being able to provide a safe environment.

When should you call a lawyer?

There are specific circumstances when you should consult an attorney. These circumstances include:

1. If you believe the owner knew about the dangerous conditions

If you believe that the owner knew about the potential dangers that caused your injury, you should immediately get in touch with a lawyer. The owners who do not properly and regularly inspect their premises can be held accountable for not maintaining their property. However, you will have to prove that the location has not been inspected properly. Also, if the landlord or other people got complaints about the conditions at the property, but did nothing to solve the problem, this can work in your favor.

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2. What led to the fall

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This is where it becomes a bit tricky. Just because you fell somewhere does not mean that it is their fault. For example, if you fell down the stairs. There are questions that might arise, like how did the fall happen? What type of shoes did you have on? Where you holding the handrail or perhaps did you carry something? These are important information that the defense lawyer, the insurer, and if it comes to going to the court, the jury will want to know as well.

3. The extent of your injuries

Even if you did fall due to bad maintenance, a twisted ankle might not be worth the time and money that is involved in a lawsuit. However, if you fell and hit your head, causing it to bleed, then yes, getting an attorney is a good idea. The bigger the injury, the more impact it will have on your life.


As you read in the article, sometimes it is quite important to hire a slip and fall attorney and in other cases, you can simply fill in a claim with your insurance agency and take their offer. Keep in mind that you should always consult your lawyer and then, together with them consider what your next step will be.

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