Why you should opt for handcrafted shoes

Ah, shoes. We can’t go without them, we can’t decide which ones to get. Say hello to one of the most common first-world-problems as many people would say because today we’re discussing whether you should be going for handcrafted footwear or not.

If you are currently in a situation which requires you to buy new shoes for you, your children or your partner, or you’re simply a curious person who wants to learn more, feel free to continue reading until the end. Without further ado, here’s what you need to know.

Understanding the term “handcrafted”


When most people hear the term “handcrafted” they probably imagine a person that sits alone in front of their fireplace and makes shoes with their own hands for hours. Well, we really don’t want to shatter your fantasies, but you really need to understand that all shoes are made with the use of at least a few machines. Here’s why.

If you were to make shoes with your own hands, they wouldn’t look even slightly as precisely made and modern as you would like them to, and most people would give you weird looks when you end up passing them on the street, simply because you’ll be looking like you’re wearing something out of a medieval movie.

So, with that being said, note that all handmade shoes are made in workshops, with the use of machines. But, there definitely is a huge difference between this kind of shoes and the ones that are produced in large factories by completely automated processes.

Advantages of Handcrafted Shoes


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Handcrafted shoes are truly amazing, and there are many reasons why. Although a few machines are used in order to make them, a large part of them is made by hand, and they’ve been through a careful and delicate process as well, which really makes them stand out when compared to the ones made in factories. According to SomiarThreads, when shoes are made by fully automated processes that don’t involve the touch of a single human, the quality is compromised and the attention to detail is non-existent. However, with the handcrafted shoes, it’s an entirely different case.

Shoemakers spend a lot of time and effort in crafting footwear, and what’s even more amazing is that most of the times they will invite you into their workshop so you can witness the process yourself. The behind-the-scenes moment is really significant for some people, and it is pretty much safe to say that it’s a wonderful feeling to see how much effort is being put in your own custom made handcrafted shoes.

One of the main advantages of handcrafted shoes is that they are entirely personalized for your feet, and nothing can provide more comfort than them. On top of that, they are made out of high-quality leather and other carefully chosen materials, so the chances of them lasting for many, many years are also really high. And last but not least, something that is probably one of the most attractive factors about handmade shoes is the fact that there’s no other pair like yours in the entire world. Just because they are handcrafted, it means that no other model can be exactly the same as yours, so you are basically wearing something that’s completely unique and unlike any other.

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